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Content to Edinboro Now is provided by Edinboro Campus Media which is comprised of ETV, the Spectator, and WFSE as well as Edinboro University's Department of Journalism and Public Relations. Our primary objectives are to provide enhanced media coverage throughout southern Erie County and to create unique co-curricular learning opportunities for journalism students at Edinboro University. The views expressed are not necessarily the views of Edinboro University.

The Spectator

The Spectator is Edinboro University's campus newspaper published weekly by students and advised by Professor Chris Lantinen. The Spectator started in 1935, but was not the first Edinboro student newspaper - the Normal News was printed in 1865. Through the years, The Spectator has been given opportunities to cover famous people such as poet Robert Frost in 1940 and President William Howard Taft in 1912.

Livia  Homerski

Livia Homerski

Executive Editor
The Spectator

Livia Homerski is an English Writing major at EU and the Arts Editor for The Spectator. Raised in a family of artists and musicians, Livia is no stranger to the limitless conversation and empowering self-expression that art provides. When she’s not writing, you can find Livia playing and grooving to music, spending time with loved ones, or learning about something unusual, such as raising insects. In the future, Livia hopes to make a livable wage from sharing her passion for art and music, whether it be other people’s or her own.   

Shayma  Musa

Shayma Musa

News Editor
The Spectator

Shayma Musa is a dual major in Biology and Journalism. She is the News Editor. In the future she hopes to intersect her love of science and Journalism as a medical journalist for a scientific publication. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing fiction, and watching period dramas.


The Edinboro News Network was founded in 1991 under the leadership of Dr. Bob Wallace, for whom the current television studio in Compton Hall is named. The organization's name was later changed to ETV to reflect additional programming other than news. Today, ETV produces a variety of programming ranging from live sports coverage to the recording of commencement and other university events.

Branden   Montgomery

Branden Montgomery

General Manager
Branden Montgomery is the General Manager of the campus media television station. He is a senior dual majoring in Journalism and Digital Media Production at Edinboro University. Throughout college he hopes to continue producing entertainment content for campus media. He is also a worker in the SGA Game room/C-store. After college, he is interested in working with broadcasting or producing live events.


Edinboro radio station, WJKB, was initially housed in Centennial Hall in 1964, and presented through a closed circuit using telephone lines. In 1970, the station switched to airing over cable TV locally. In 1978, the station obtained an FCC license to broadcast over the air. Now known as 88.9 WFSE - Fighting Scots Radio, the station plays a variety of the best rock and alternative/indie music of all time, with specialty shows featured throughout the week. WFSE provides live coverage of Fighting Scots athletics, streams 24/7, and serves the campus and community with local news and pertinent information.

You can find their FCC public file, here

Natalie  Wiepert

Natalie Wiepert

General Manager

Natalie Wiepert is a graduate student in the MACS program, graduating with a bachelors in Journalism, minoring in criminal justice. Natalie is the General Manager of WFSE Radio and oversees all on-air content for the radio station. Natalie hosts Subverse on WFSE Monday nights 5-6 p.m., with her co-host Britton Rozzelle. Natalie and Britton also co-host a weekly music entertainment podcast called Were You Even Listening

Madi   Gross

Madi Gross

Sports Director, Digital Editor
WFSE, The Spectator

Madi Gross is a dual major in Journalism and Sports and Recreation Administration. She has worked with all three mediums for campus media since she was a a freshman here at Edinboro. She enjoys writing for the sports and music sections of the Spectator and calling sports on WFSE.

Sarah  Cacchione

Sarah Cacchione

On-air Host
Sarah Cacchione is a senior Journalism/Digital Media Production major at Edinboro University. She enjoys working in radio and writing for The Spectator. 
Nathan  Brennan

Nathan Brennan

On-air host, Staff Writer
WFSE, The Spectator

Nathan Brennan is a sophomore Journalism/PR major at Edinboro University. Nathan hosts a weekly radio show, Random Hour, every Wednesday at 4 p.m. and is also a staff writer for The Spectator.

Edinboro Now

Dr. Ronald K. Raymond

Dr. Ronald K. Raymond

Faculty Advisor/Campus Media Business Manager/Internship Coordinator

Dr. Ron Raymond has more than 30 years of experience in the radio industry, working on air and as a manager for stations in Florida and Pennsylvania, most recently as general manager of WCTL-FM and CEO for the parent nonprofit corporation. He serves as faculty advisor to WFSE-FM, Edinboro University’s campus station, and as business manager for all three of the university’s campus media organizations. His primary teaching responsibilities include Audio Production and Beginning Reporting, as well as courses in announcing and station management, sales and promotion. Dr. Raymond holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Edinboro University and a doctorate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He also serves as the department’s Internship Coordinator.

Mr. Chris   Lantinen

Mr. Chris Lantinen

Faculty Advisor
The Spectator
P: 814-732-1275

Professor Chris Lantinen has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor at the Titusville (PA) Herald and owns and operates Modern Vinyl, a music blog that has been cited in national publications such as Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. He serves as faculty advisor to The Spectator, Edinboro University’s weekly campus newspaper, and teaches courses such as Digital Media Design and Intermediate Reporting. Professor Lantinen holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Edinboro University.

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