Women top Gannon, control lead most of the game

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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at 7:57 PM
Women top Gannon, control lead most of the game by Jackson Loepp
EU women’s basketball took the win 56-52 over Gannon on Feb. 5. Photo: Simonique Dietz/EU Sports Information

The Edinboro women’s basketball team faced off against local rival Gannon on Feb. 5. The Fighting Scots would avenge a loss from earlier this season, winning 56-52.

When the two teams played at Gannon in early January, the Golden Knights won by nearly 20. In the rematch, though, Edinboro was determined to flip the script.

The game got off to a slow start, with both teams thriving defensively in the first quarter. It was an extremely low scoring affair, ending at 8-3 in Edinboro’s favor. The second quarter would see both teams more than double those scores: Edinboro put up 17 points, while Gannon put up 19.

Coming back from halftime, the even skill levels of the two teams was incredibly apparent. Gannon would come back to tie the game going into the fourth. 

The Lady Knights had trailed since their first point of the game, but they pulled ahead of Edinboro with 6:39 remaining in the final quarter, ramping up the tension. The crowd roared to life as Edinboro evened the score with just over four minutes remaining on the clock, and McComb Fieldhouse filled with cheers when the Scots regained the lead with 3:15 remaining. 

“We love when the students come out and support us,” said team-leading scorer Michaela Barnes. “We were just talking about this, it’s probably the biggest crowd that we’ve had here in a while. And this was a really big game for us, so the support that we got from everybody is something we really needed to pull off this win.”

Pull off the win is exactly what the Fighting Scots did. The advantage would bounce back and forth until the Scots got the lead again with 36 seconds remaining. 

After a series of timeouts and fouls by Gannon, Rana Elhusseini netted four free throws to secure a victory for Edinboro. 

Student Assistant Coach Isaiah Smiley noted how he felt the crowd affected the team’s play, saying: “it gives the girls energy, and that energy is contagious. I think that’s something that the girls love.”

After the victory, the Fighting Scots sat at 12-7 overall and 10-5 in conference play.

They took their win streak to the road on Saturday to play Pitt-Johnstown. They lost in overtime, 78-71.

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