2017 Gmitter Scholarship nominees announced

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Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at 10:09 AM

The Celebrate the Artist Michael V. Gmitter Memorial Scholarship is an award given to an art student, in any discipline, at Edinboro University. The award was started over a decade ago in memory of Michael Gmitter, a metals student at Edinboro.

“Michael was a talented, well rounded art student,” said Dr. Cappy Cournard, metals professor at Edinboro.

Gmitter won the Eclectic Etceteras Coffee House Arts and Crafts Scholarship shorty before his death.

“It was great to see all his work come together to make something amazing before he passed,” said Cournard. “It showed what Michael was capable of.”

The Gmitter Scholarship was started by his parents, Jim and Jan Gmitter. Eight months after Michael’s death, Jim passed away and Jan has been building the scholarship, working year round to, as explained, keep Michael’s passion of the arts alive.

Twelve to 15 art students are chosen every December after submitting three works of art to a panel of five judges. Five new judges are chosen every year to keep the award fresh and fair.

“Using different judges gives us different candidates,” said Cournard. “Not every group of judges would choose the same contestant, which leaves a lot of great art out of the exhibition.”

After being chosen, the nominees must prepare a presentation that represents what they showed to be selected. This presentation is shown to the same panel of judges at the end of March. The winner of the show receives a $3,500 reward that is seen as more of an award than a scholarship.

“Amazing work can be ruined by poor presentation or artist statement” Cournard said regarding choosing a winner.

The nominees for the 2017 award are Nicholas Wilkinson, Yurie Hayashi, Courtney Heubner, Asuko Kato, Zane Carlson, Natalie Miczikus, Ashley Stone, Ross Kirby, Brenden Lovejoy, David Kiefer, Matthew George, Rosalle Pekelnickey, Seul Yi and Ryan Zimmerman.

Gabriel Hypes can be reached at ae.spectator@gmail.com. 

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