24 hour animation contest

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 at 1:10 PM
24 hour animation contest by Julie Zarnick
Photo: Julie Zarnick

With a coffee maker on deck, along with a huge supply of caffeine, seven teams from Edinboro University competed in the 15th Annual 24 Hour Animation Contest.

The teams from Edinboro included: The Jerebears, Dead End Animation, Brad-E Brunch, The EdinBros, The Fighting Mongeese and The Squiggles.

The contestants had 24 hours to create, from scratch, a 30-second animation film.

Each team had to consist of five members with one team leader.

This larger international contest, based in California, had a total of 184 teams from 44 different schools from all over the globe.

The competition started on Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. Kelli Prizner, vice president of the animation club and member of the EdinBros, attempted to expand the reach of the competition. “I tried to get people to enter from all over, so it wasn’t just limited to our club or animation majors,” Prizner said.

“We even had an all freshman team, the Squiggles, who turned in a very welldone film. I feel like a proud mother,” said Prizner, smiling.

“This was a good opportunity to work together and create something unforgettable; it doesn’t matter if you win or finish. I wanted people to push themselves because I know they can do it,” said Prizner.

Elise Cohen, an illustration major, was team leader of the EdinBros, an all girl squad.

“We divvied up different parts of it based on our skill sets,” said Cohen. “We’ve been at this all night, but have been creating art all our lives. It started with drawing and once you get a computer, the animation begins,” said Cohen.

Team leader of The Squiggles, Wayne Pusey, took a couple hours to sleep on his desk, while Mal O’Brien made herself as comfortable as one can get on the floor, under her desk.

While there were a few who took a snooze break, the Fighting Mongeese shouted “Team No Sleep!”

The winners were announced via a live stream on Oct. 10. Unfortunately, Edinboro University did not place, but they still pushed all night in the efforts at creativity.

Julie Zarnick can be reached at ae.spectator@gmail.com.

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