5 Best Highland Games Events

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Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 1:44 PM

The feeling of community and joy was felt by all in attendance of the 2018 Highland Games, whether you were a native of Edinboro or a first-time games goer. This list of the five best Highland Games events will allow you to reminisce on your time spent at the festival.

1. Highland Dance Competition

Inside McComb Fieldhouse, many gathered inside to watch colorful kilts whirl and twirl to traditional Scottish dance music. Whether they were watching their family, friends or no one specific, spectators looked on with wide smiles. The age of competitors ranged from young children to adults with years of experience under their belts. Competitors cheered each other on, and gave praise showing that the event was more about the spirit, rather than winning.

2. Live Music Performances

The sounds of fiddles, flutes, strings, and drums added to the cheerful atmosphere of the festival, and made Scotland feel not too far from home. The music could be heard from the middle of campus, drawing the attention of anyone that could hear it. A high school group from Chelsea, Michigan called “Celtic With a Kick” was comprised of students, instructors and alumni. They took turns sharing the stage with “Crossbow,” made up entirely of alumni from the same high school as “Celtic With a Kick.” Both groups’ music brought people to their feet and made dancing almost irresistible. Children joined hands, skipped around, and danced to the tunes.

 3. Pipe Band Competition

Pipe bands consist of a drum corps section, accompanied by the bagpipes. Clans stood in attention waiting for their routine to begin, while the judges carefully looked over them. The faces of every band member were intensely focused, awaiting the pipe majors command. The drums began to roll, and the fuzz of the bagpipes’ harmonies created a warm atmosphere. Two of the four judges focused on the bagpipes, one on the drums, and another on the overall performance. The competition took place in the afternoon and finished up as the games came to an end.

 4. Pro/Amateur Heavy Athletic Competition

The sight of muscular men and women throwing heavy objects up and down the lawns was a sight impossible to miss! The crowd surrounding the Heavy Athletic competition applauded and shouted inspirations to the competitors as they tossed weights and logs throughout the day. A group of young girls made sure to make their presence known to the female competitors by shouting “you can do it!” and “you got this!” There were three groups of competitors: open amateurs, masters and women. Each competitor worked with different weights depending on which group they fell in. 19 year old Brandon McCray, who traveled from Slippery Rock University, was the youngest competitor of the Heavy Comp. Seeing veterans of the competition cheer on the amateurs was an inspirational sight of sportsmanship.

5. Beer Tasting

Red mugs with the Highland Games logo printed on them were in the hands of many in attendance on Saturday. In these mugs were a variety of deliciously crafted beers, brewed local and nationally, such as Erie Brewing Company’s “Railbender” and Sprague Farm & Brew Works “Scotchtoberfest.” The adult beverages warmed the bodies and hearts of attendees on the chill, end of summer day. Many were seated on the lawn, listening to musical performances or watching events while enjoying one of six different beers. 

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