7 cool things the library rents out

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 at 5:01 PM

Everyone knows the Baron-Forness Library on campus is a great place to study, get work done, and perhaps grab a drink at Starbucks; but did you know that they rent out items other than books?

Here’s a list of some of the coolest things the library rents.


Yep, that’s right. When you need to get some work done in a jiffy and have no where else to turn, look no further. While you’re at the library, you can rent out a laptop and get that essay done that you’ve put off until the day before it’s due. 


WHAT? Not just laptops, but a TABLET? You read that correctly; while you can’t take a laptop out of the library, you can with the Nextbooks, which you can rent for three days at a time and work with wherever you please.

Phone Chargers

Been playing too many games in class while you were supposed to be paying attention and now your phone battery is low? Fret not, for the library has chargers to bring your phone battery right up. However, it can’t bring your grade up. That’s all on you, pal.

Flash Drives

Is it the day of the big presentation and your PowerPoint won’t open because you blindly put your trust in that one group member who forgets everything? Bad call. Try the library’s flash drives, each one guaranteed to hold your PowerPoint safe and sound. Plus other stuff, not just PowerPoints. 


While you may have no way to use a VHS in 2018 (unless you’re vintage! I don’t know your life), CDs and DVDs can be rented out any time you like for your listening and viewing pleasure. I hope they have “Shrek 2.”


Caught in the storm? Walk around campus with ease with a beautiful umbrella. As a fair warning, they only have the one umbrella, so just hope you get there at the right time.

VR viewers

Need to escape the harsh reality of the world outside? Come to the library and rent one of the VR viewers. Imagine riding a roller coaster. Climbing to the top of a lush mountain. Swimming in the sea with the majestic dolphin by your side. You too can have these experiences (except not really; I mean, it looks realistic, but it pales in comparison to the real thing. Yet still, the viewers are often really well done, so it may look just like the real thing…This is a tough one. Either way, it’s pretty fun).

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