814 Outdoor Sports settling in at The Mill and for its 1st summer

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Sunday, March 28th, 2021 at 5:03 PM
814 Outdoor Sports settling in at The Mill and for its 1st summer by Emma McNeeley
Owner Nathan Latimer stands in front of 814 Outdoor. Photo: Kimberly Firestine

On Nov. 18, 2020, Nathan Latimer and Jay Farnham opened 814 Outdoor Sports at The Mill in Edinboro. “There used to be a bike shop in Edinboro when I was a kid and I loved the atmosphere in it,” said Latimer.

It was that enjoyment and passion of being outdoors that gave him the idea of a new bike shop, but the process would begin unexpectedly. “I was working in social work, and I had a supervisor I didn’t see eye to eye with,” he began. “I was complaining to my buddy about work. He asked me what I wanted to do, and I said I’d like to open a bike shop someday. Next thing I knew I opened one.”

814 Outdoor, according to their website, is looking to “enhance and grow the 814 ski and bike community with top notch products and service,” while they also sell kayaks, helmets, footwear, apparel, and energy bars and gels.

Latimer and Farnham’s connection is also slightly unexpected. “He (Farnham) was my 11th grade photography teacher, and I later found out he was a good mechanic,” said Latimer. The website further describes Farnham as having “20 years of experience as a bike mechanic” and as someone who “can fix anything.”

Finding the location at The Mill wasn’t immediate; there was an initial idea to place it in the Edinboro Mall. But when the chance came to open at the new West Plum Street complex, Latimer was excited.

“I was on the Edinboro (Borough) Council for four years ... the building (the former Agway) closed down, and when I heard the Bookhamers bought it, I was looking forward to what they would do with it,” said Latimer.

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Of course, there were worries with opening the store. “It was nerve wracking. I don’t have much entrepreneurship skills, and it’s the first time I’ve owned a business,” he said. One thing that made Latimer more confident was the fact that Lakeside Bagel and Deli was also moving to The Mill. “I feel like bagels and bikes go together, so it made it more comfortable.”

The environment in Edinboro was also a big factor in deciding to open the store, as Edinboro Lake is paired with many nature trails. Latimer also mentioned that the long winter selling skis went well. “We sold out of skis, and I still get two to three calls a day asking about them,” he said.

With opening during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there was bound to be struggles. “Especially with the pandemic, inventory is hard to get. It changes every day. Different bikes and brands get moved around and it’s a gamble,” he explained.

Despite this, though, the push continues and is paying off. “I was motivated by making people happy and it was nice to see people getting out,” said Latimer.

You can reach 814 Outdoor at (814) 737-0818. They’re open Monday through Saturday.

Emma McNeeley is the News Editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at edinboro.spectator@gmail.com.

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Owner Nathan Latimer stands in front of 814 Outdoor. Photo: Kimberly FirestinePhoto: Kimberly FirestinePhoto: Kimberly FirestinePhoto: Kimberly Firestine

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