Acting up: ‘Deviant Behavior’ Improv Series continues at Boro

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 6:46 PM

Friday, Jan. 26 marked the first 2018 show for Edinboro University of Pennsylvania’s Deviant Behavior Improv series. Hosted by Mason Kuhr, the roughly 90 minute show had seven acts of different improvisation challenges.  

The eight actors and actresses were split into two teams. Mikhail Ferree, Dewey Hudacky, Elaina Krafick and Erika Krasneski performed as Team Antelope. Zach Goughler, Lyssie Gregory, Cameron Maxon and Andrew Poll comprised Team Giraffe.  

For each round, either a different improv game was played or the actors were given a theme they had to act out or make a wisecrack about. 

When asked what his favorite game was, Hudacky replied, “World’s Worst.” 

“You get the audience’s participation, which is always fun, always random,” he said. “It also gives you a wide range to be negative, and I love negative humor that’s not insulting, and ‘World’s Worst’ just kind of sets you up for that.” 

Unlike other types of live theater, improv thrives on audience participation. The themes the actors had to act upon were all audience-submitted and chosen randomly from a hat; the audience was asked to shout out settings and circumstances for scenes, and volunteers for the “Spit Take” segment were requested. 

As the audience is the heart of the show, the rules are strict as not to offend members with inappropriate language or subject matter. In order to dissuade the actors from using any “crass language,” a rule was implemented where in the event of such use, the perpetrator must wear a pig mask that would interfere with their delivery and facial expressions. 

Although everything said is meant purely in jest, heavy is the face that wears the mask. However, the threat of having your face covered and voice muffled succeeded in keeping the actors PG. 

No two Deviant Behavior shows are ever the same, as improvisation would have it. There is a different set of jokes, prompts, and preparation for each performance. 

“It really is just a spur of the moment kind of thing. Of course, we rehearse it (material corresponding with the games) so we know what works and what doesn’t. A lot of the stuff we do is just stop and go,” explained Goughler. 

Although Team Antelope galloped away victorious, plenty of laughs were to be had by all, especially during the “Art Curator” and “Pick a Prop” challenges. 

If you missed the first show and find yourself in need of a laugh at the end of a stressful week of classes, there are still March 23, April 6 and May 4 shows left to catch. 

The upcoming shows will continue taking place in Diebold Performing Arts Center. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30. The fee for admission is $3 for EU Students, $5 for EU faculty, staff, seniors and other students, and $10 general admission. 

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