Album Review: Adele - 30

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Friday, November 26th, 2021 at 1:17 PM
Album Review: Adele - 30 by Azzer Carpenter
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From “19” to “30,” Adele has proven that the classic sounds of Motown and the velvety color of her voice will allow her to captivate all audiences. Nov. 19 was the big day for the releasing of Adele’s newest album "30." "30" has been anticipated since August of 2021. 

August it was announced that Adele will be releasing an album. Everyone has shown much enthusiasm for the artist From the teaser “Easy On Me” that was released Oct. 15, it showed the intellect of this artist.  

Like many artists, Adele gave a sampler that cause us to crave more. Time and time over every album released by Adele she has multiple pieces of work that collect to create a sense of euphoria.  

"30" has gotten attention from many other celebrities such as Kalen Allen where he says, “If there is one thing Beyonce and Adele has taught us, it’s that disappearing is necessary. Their prioritizing of quality over quantity is proof.” 

It is statements such as these that confirms for everyone that when you’re a good artist you don’t need to over work yourself. Yes, "30" is a short album, it has 12 songs and lasts about 58 minutes. However, it has no time to the album you can listen to it on repeat and not notice the album was ever over. 

One song that particularly stuck out to me was “My Little Love.”

“My Little Love” allows us to accept loneliness and how it’s okay to be alone. She also wrote this song to be a ballet to her child. Throughout the piece you hear bits of monologues and conversation with Adele’s child and herself. She even says “Mommy has been feeling a lot of emotions lately” then later states “I’ve always preferred to be alone / but now I feel alone.”

It’s hard to see any wrong with certain celebrities, Adele just so happens to happily fall into that category. If you are interested in listening to this album I strongly recommend it, along with some ice cream and friends.  

Azzer Carpenter, Staff Writer | @EdinboroNow 

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