Alumni Issue: From student to business owner

Friday, October 7th, 2016 at 12:45 PM
Alumni Issue: From student to business owner by Georgett Bridgett

Pat Hargest is a small town guy who achieved success right here in his hometown. 

Currently the owner of the Edinboro Hotel Bar, located at 100 Meadville Street, he states their tagline is “Edinboro’s oldest eating and drinking establishment.” 

Hargest was born and raised in Edinboro. He attended General McLane High School, and continued in the footsteps of his family by attending Edinboro University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in political science in 1994. After good marks at EUP, he went on to attend law school at Duquesne University.

Hargest got his start in the restaurant and bar industry during his high school years. His uncle, also an Edinboro graduate, managed the bar and allowed Hargest to work there during his summers off from school. After starting college, he began bartending. 

Upon returning home from Duquesne, he was offered a job as manager of the bar by its former owner Kip Allen. In 2002 he invested in a partnership with Allen and was a minority partner for five years until becoming the bar’s primary owner in 2007.

“It’s nice being your own boss, but being your own boss has a lot of responsibility that comes along with it,” he said. 

As business owner, Hargest is responsible for making sure the entire behind-the-scenes work is done correctly and on time. Not only is he responsible for the upkeep of the Hotel Bar, he’s also part owner of the entire building, which provides residential rental opportunities. He’s also a family man and is very passionate about performing both tasks to the best of his ability. 

“You get out of it what you put in,” he said. Hargest believes that communicating with patrons and staying involved with every part of the business has contributed to his success as a bar owner. 

He also believes that his education at Edinboro has contributed to his experience as a business owner because he has received a broad education, as well as a good college experience. 

Pat Hargest has certainly had success. Maybe the best part? It’s that he achieved it right where it began.

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