An open letter to Edinboro University

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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at 8:33 PM
An open letter to Edinboro University by Erica Burkholder

Dear Edinboro University, 

65% of your student community is female, according to your statistics. But there could be even more students that deal with menstruating — there are nonbinary, genderqueer and gender fluid students, and there are trans women who do not get a period and trans men who do.

I think that you’re failing the part of the community that deals with periods by not providing better options in your bathrooms. Some bathrooms I’ve been in throughout my time here are amazing. They have pads and tampons stocked for whoever needs them. Others have trash cans in the stalls, which are beneficial (no one wants to walk a used tampon or pad out of the stall). Then some bathrooms have neither. 

The school should follow Syracuse University’s example and stock tampons and pads in all the bathrooms (both men’s and women’s) on campus. Each bathroom wouldn’t need an entire pack, but enough to help students out in case their period comes unexpectedly or they can’t afford period products at the time. 

Some people have irregular periods. Some people get so stressed out that they delay their periods. Some people are dealing with health issues that affect their cycle. Some people may have been too busy or flustered with school work to realize their cycle was coming. 

Keeping products stocked would help these students when their period comes. Instead of freaking out and hoping they still have some products in their bags, or trying to ask friends, they could simply find them in the bathroom, easing their struggle. 

As someone who deals with irregular periods often, having to ask anyone I can find for a product, or digging through my bag hoping I have something because class just started or I’m running late, is not a fun feeling.

Naturally, I run late to most things, knowing I could have been on time, but wasn’t because I had to spend time in the bathroom begging friends to bring me supplies or hitting up anyone I know enough to be comfortable to ask for a pad is horrible. 

The only time for me that I did not deal with this on campus was when I was in Loveland last year, I started to freak out and when I left the stall to go ask around I saw a table with pads and tampons and I breathed a sigh of relief. 

Pads and tampons need to be in all bathrooms on this campus, many things can influence a period (stress, birth control, etc) and women aren’t the only one that get periods. Not only would keeping pads and tampons in all bathrooms help out the population, but it would also make sure there is a better chance of supplies being available to those that need them and it would make the conversation about periods more noticeable, why are periods still taboo when so many people deal with them?

I hope you consider helping your students out ‘Boro. 


Someone who hopes to see period equality

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