Art Club to showcase student artwork for homecoming show

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Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 10:56 PM
Art Club to showcase student artwork for homecoming show by William Stevens
The Student Art Club Show and Sale will take place over homecoming weekend.

The Student Art Club Show and Sale will take place over homecoming weekend, running on Oct. 10 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

This allows students the opportunity to share their work and gain exposure among their peers while also raising funds for the university.

“We’ve felt that student art clubs need to raise funds to bring in visiting artists and to help them go to conferences,” Director of Development Julie Chacona, said.

“So what better way than to have an exclusive sale and demonstration by our own students and their clubs so they can help raise more money to offset some of those costs.”

It’s more than simply a way to raise funds for the art department, though, as it also allows for a lot of student-to-student interaction.

“We have been trying to promote more student activities during homecoming,” Chacona said. “And one of the best ways we can showcase students is through the art department since we have such a terrific department full of craft and fine arts.”

As mentioned before, the showcase allows students the opportunity to gain some exposure among their peers, but also among the community of Edinboro. The showcase seems to be growing based off of the number of clubs participating.

“I went to Aloha, which is a back-to-school program held in the beginning of September,” Chacona said. “This year, we have 10 clubs participating, which is a record.”

It’s not strictly paintings either; several different mediums will be represented at the showcase.

“They’re doing everything from throwing on the pottery wheels, to demonstrating some of the techniques used to carve wood,” Chacona said. “They’re going to do metal-smithing demonstrations to teach the public how to make jewelry and other products. There will be a photo booth from the photography club. The graphic design club has designed these cute, funky buttons and they’re selling those.”

The event is hosted by various student art clubs on campus and according to Chacona, the Student Art League will also have a presence at the showcase.

“The Student Art League is participating as one of the clubs.”

“The clubs are designed to help those students in those particular majors find a common group of friends and colleagues.”

This art show is not a singular event. “The clubs themselves actually host sales periodically throughout the year,” Chacona said. “Normally, their before Christmas so they can sell items as gifts.”

“In terms of selling, the most proactive clubs are metals, ceramic and wood,” Chacona said. “Because they make a lot of stuff and it’s pretty universal in terms of what people like.”

Normally, the sales fall on or around certain events that take place throughout the semester. “Sometimes, they have shows right before the end of the school year for mother’s day or graduation,” Chacona said. “And I know the Bruce Gallery is going to be having a sale in December as one of their final shows.”

It seems that Chacona herself also had some appreciation for the art the students have made. “I buy a lot of student art work,” she said through a light chuckle.

“I buy it as gifts; I buy jewelry; I buy all kinds of things. I’m a big supporter of the department and the price is always pretty right.”

The Student Art Show is also open to the public on Saturday, Oct. 10.

“I think it’ll be a really fun event for the whole family,” she said. “When you actually see them creating the work you have a whole new appreciation for the art form and the time it takes to make something hand-made.”

So if you’re looking for something to keep you busy during homecoming weekend, look no further than the Student Art Show and Sale on Edinboro’s campus.

William Stevens is a Senior Staff Writer and the Online Editor for The Spectator.

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