Art clubs come together for annual Student Art Club Show and Sale

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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at 10:17 PM
Art clubs come together for annual Student Art Club Show and Sale by William Stevens
Caricature prints, the Animation Club, pottery, woodworking and more were displayed under these tents during Homecoming festivities.

Homecoming is a time for celebration. Several events take place over the course of the weekend, from the parade to the football game and everything in between. One event, which took place on Saturday, Oct. 10, is the Student Art Show and Sale where students and alumni are given the opportunity to interact with local artists.

Several different clubs take part in the show and earn the chance to display their artwork for the campus and community while also earning money. Clay Club is one of the art clubs, which decorate the lawn outside of Doucette Hall. The event is more about gaining exposure for the clubs than anything else.

“What Clay Club is really all about is bringing the community of ceramicists together,” Didem Mert, a member of the Clay Club, said.

“A big part of clay is the community. So we’re giving credit to ourselves for coming together at events like this and coming together as a club. There’s other things to it that help us out with ceramics rather than earning extra credit.”

The showcase allows students an opportunity to share their work, but the event would not be possible without the help of a faculty adviser.

“Lee Rexrode is head of the ceramics department,” Mert said. “He actually got us a show at Standard Ceramics in Pittsburgh and the reception for that was just last night. So he’s constantly helping us by coming to meetings and really trying to get the club to do more and do the best that we can.”

The Art Show and Sale is a way for students to show their art work to students and alumni alike. None of it would be possible without continued support from the students in the clubs.

“Students are so great,” Mert said. “They sign up for different shifts. Technically for this sale, we ask that if you’re going to sell work, you come and work a shift. But everyone is a good team player and they come in even if they don’t have to.”

“We just had a cup and bowl sale this past week,” Mert continued. “Tons of students and faculty and employees bought pieces and were talking to us. They were really interested in the process and the time it takes to make the pieces.”

The Student Art Show and Sale seems to have made an impression on the students and the alumni.

“I hope that people will see the pots in their finished state,” Mert said. “But also [we want them to] see several of the demos and really see the time that it takes and the necessary practice that it takes to get there.”

The Student Art Show and Sale seems to have been a rather successful event for the art students and for the campus, as well.

William Stevens is a Senior Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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