Art clubs gather for annual ‘Aloha’

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Friday, September 6th, 2019 at 11:22 AM
Art clubs gather for annual ‘Aloha’ by Zeila Hobson
Two students collaborate to make a painting at Aloha. | Zeila Hobson

Sunlight beat down on the lawn of Loveland Hall on Aug. 29, warming the tops of foldable tables, those tables serving host to baked goods and artwork as students set up for Aloha 2019, an opportunity to learn about the art-related clubs on campus and how to get involved with them.

Club officers and members milled about the lawn, setting up activities and laying out free food, art supplies and merchandise in their areas. The make-your-own button station at the Graphic Design Club table and the ability to hammer out a custom keychain at the Metals Club table would prove especially popular. Hawaiian shirts were plentiful, speakers vibrated the air with upbeat music, and a grill would hit the crowd with the smell of hot dogs within the hour.

Haley Stutzman, the vice president of the Art Education Club, conveyed that the club is looking for new members and is getting "revamped" this year. Her hope is that new members come from a variety of majors because the club is for anyone who has an interest in art. "We’re trying to find a place for everyone to fit in," she said, smiling.

The idea of giving a group new life was shared by the president of the Sculpture Club, Katie Lentz. Standing behind the two interactive mini-sandpits on the club’s table, Lentz said this is a "rebuilding year" for the group because many members graduated last year. Prospective new members of the Sculpture Club can look forward to interactive activities and voluntary group critiques of members’ work.

Drawing and Painting Club also engages in critiques, some given by visiting artists that also deliver speeches and, or demonstrations, according to Co-President Shayna Theuret.

"You get exposure," she said. "There’s not a lot of art in this area, so we take trips; we are going to Chicago this year and we’ve gone to Boston. It’s a really good way to make connections with people. We go to artist talks and we bring artists in."

Hosting artists for talks and demos and taking trips are popular Aloha club activities. The Graphic Design Club visits museums in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, as well as art galleries in Erie. Co-presidents Emily Funk and Karlin Hiles confidently stated, "We have a lot of fun stuff planned for this year." Funk and Hiles offered bookmarks at Aloha, designed for the different majors within the art department while emphasizing EUP’s 100 years of art. Art 100, the official title of this achievement, is also Edinboro’s homecoming theme this year.

Printmaking Club also goes on trips to enjoy the museums, among other excursions. Taylor Hawes, the president of the club, said that the club’s spring trip to Dallas, Texas was a welcome reprieve from the March chill of Edinboro. Hawes encourages anyone with an interest in art to join the club. According to him, printmaking can fit anyone’s art style because there are "a lot of different ways to approach printmaking as a medium."

Guest speakers are a staple for the Wood Club, as well. Vice President Stephanie Bryan said the club "looks at the industry." Inviting artists to speak on different niches in the industry and visiting different conferences encourages networking among club members and professionals in the field of woodworking.

This was a sentiment that extends to other clubs that bring in professionals for talks and demos. The Clay Club also attends conferences, namely the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, held every spring.

Other clubs in attendance included Chimera — EUP’s art and literary journal ­— as well as Animation Club.

For more information regarding any art club, visit the campus website or inquire in Loveland Hall.

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