Art Student Spotlight — Scott Johnson

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 at 9:25 PM
Art Student Spotlight — Scott Johnson by Madi Gross
Photo: Madi Gross

Scott Johnson — a sophomore computer animations major — admits that he spends around 28 hours outside of class on his artwork.

As he slumped down a little more in his seat, he discussed his favorite thing about art.

“[My favorite thing about art is] the ability to express one’s self through a medium, to express something that you can’t really do with words,” he said.

“You can paint a picture that would speak volumes [more] than what a sentence or paragraph could,” stated Johnson.

He continued: “Animation is my favorite art form, because you take a still model and make it come to life and you can also create an entire world and an entire set of characters out of nothing.”

Johnson began to explain how he found Edinboro and art as part of his path, stating, “I was originally a nursing major but decided last minute that it was not for me.”

Johnson continued: “I informed the college that had already accepted me that I was not going to attend their school.”

“My sculpture and ceramics teacher in high school went to Edinboro and told me that they had an excellent animation program, as did a friend of mine who went here, so I decided to use their judgment and come here,” he stated, as he sat up.

“I didn’t know how to draw, so I picked computer animation as my concentration [which I found out later that you do have to know how to draw].”

He continued by speaking about his creative process, his favorite piece of art that he has created and his favorite thing about his own art.

“Usually, it starts with a doodle. I’ll see people that inspire me, create it, give it a name, and then create a universe for it,” he stated about his creative process. 

“The character rig that I just created [is my favorite piece that I’ve created]. Creating it made me realize that creating character rigs is something I’d like to do in the future as a career,” he stated.

Johnson explained how much he and his art has grown since he started college. “I’m getting there but I’m not quite there yet,” he stated about his favorite thing about his art.

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