Art Student Spotlight: Kate Hudak

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 at 5:53 PM

“My art I like because it’s very versatile,” said senior Kate Hudak. “I can do drawings; I can do photography; I can make posters out of squares and circles and stuff; and still have it look very nice.”

Hudak is looking to graduate in the coming spring with a degree in graphic and interactive design and a minor in printmaking. Initially a nursing major, Hudak narrowed her college search to three schools specifically.

“I’m originally from Ohio, so I looked at some schools in Ohio,” she explained. “One was a private school with an excellent nursing program, but the school’s atmosphere and price was not for me. The other school was far away, much further than Edinboro and didn’t have what I wanted,” she explained.

“Edinboro was perfect — the perfect distance, perfect price and a good school.”

After a few weeks in the nursing program Hudak realized that her place was not within those walls. And while talking with her parents it was her mom that suggested maybe she go into graphic design. It was after this that Hudak reminisced about her high school experience and all of the art classes that she had taken, specifically the graphic design and photography classes. “I realized that was my true calling,” she concluded.

Hudak expressed that paper and ink is her favorite art form to create with. “It’s very frustrating to get the colors right, but it’s probably my favorite because you can see the difference on the computer and the difference when you have it out in person,” she explained.

She went on to describe her creative process. “When I have to come up with an idea I usually look at things that are kind of a problem in the world, and then I come up with a concept to show that but without doing it in a cliché way, or way that explicitly states ‘This is a problem.’” 

She continued: “I want you to get up close and view what you’re looking at and then see after a while — it may even take you a couple of days of thinking about it or seeing it over time — you realize what the piece is actually about.”

Hudak admitted, “I would say I spend anywhere from 20 to 40 hours a week on graphic design alone.” Spending this much time on her art has lead to some of her personal favorite creations. 

“I’ve created a book that I’m really proud of; it’s about travel. I’ve created brochure pamphlets on different diseases, and I created an infographic about the show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ that shows the diversity of the cast,” she said.

As for advice to current or future art students, Hudak offered: “Definitely [to] think long and hard about the concentration that you’re going into and [to] make sure that when you’re doing your projects that you can see yourself doing this for the next 40 to 60 years of your life, because this is what you’re going to be doing and a lot of people don’t realize that until their senior year.”

Hudak has big plans for the remainder of her time at Edinboro. She explained: “I have a gallery that I’m setting up and I want it to be the best that I can make it. I’m going to do an internship while I’m here, either locally or somewhere in my hometown, and I want to graduate in the spring.” After graduation Hudak hopes to get a job working for a company whose values she believes in wholeheartedly. 

Hudak’s gallery, tentatively titled “Compass,” is set to debut on Nov. 18 at Bates Gallery, located in Loveland Hall. The gallery — which will feature graphic design work as well as some photography — will run until Nov. 25.

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