Art student spotlight: Tristan Sheran

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Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 4:41 PM
Art student spotlight: Tristan Sheran by Madi Gross

Tristan Sheran sat calmly in the Pogue Cyber Café, camera in hand, prepared to take the perfect shot as it came. As he set his camera down Sheran explained what goes into his creative process.

 “A lot of procrastination and random spurs of thoughts that give me ideas that I then pursue, kind of like a whirlwind.”

Sheran, now a senior at Edinboro, is a photography major with minors in business administration and art history.

He explained that his original path was to study French. “In high school art was a relief from all of the things going on in my personal life, but I didn’t change my path (to art) until the summer before I began college.”

He continued: “I like the distance, close to Erie but [it’s] still close to home.” He also explained how his teachers in high school informing him of Edinboro’s art program made an influence on his decision to attend the school.

Sheran explained that he spends about two to two and a half hours a week on his art outside of studio time (which adds an extra eight hours or so.)

“Sometimes my creative process takes more time before I actually start creating art,” he stated.

He went on to explain that sculpture art is his personal favorite form of art to view, but photography is his favorite to create.

He mentioned that “Well of Moses” by Claus Sluter is a personal favorite piece of art. Sheran further explained that three years of photography classes in high school led him to take Advanced Placement photography, all of which had an influence of how he chose his concentration.

“My favorite and least favorite thing about my art is that least is subjective, what others think vs. what the creator thinks.” Sheran continued, “It moves and inspires people, including myself.”

“I have different pieces from different eras of my art which tells the story of where I have come from and where I’m going,” Sheran stated when asked if he had a favorite piece of art he had created.

“You need to follow what you want to do; if you don’t love it don’t do it,” is the advice Sheran would pass along to any current or future art students.

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