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Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 6:16 PM

As an incoming freshman at Edinboro University, hoping to pursue a career in the arts, you’re directed towards a curriculum sheet. Scanning through the document, it’s immediately noticeable that there’s a large space dedicated to credits to put towards extra art electives or an internship.

Advisors in the art field often encourage students to reach out to companies to secure internships and advise them to do so during the summer between junior and senior year.

Erin Long, a senior graphic design major, did just that, and spent her summer at Allison Park Church in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. Long chose to accept an internship position, eagerly awaiting the chance to experience graphic design as a career, rather than just a student. Reflecting upon her experiences, Long stated, “having experience in the field will benefit me once I start looking for a job.”

Long was able to apply skills she had honed after three years at Edinboro to real world projects. Skills she learned about communicating her artistic vision were put to the test as she encountered clients such as pastors and worship leaders who weren't as well-versed in design terms as her usual peer group of students. “Explaining my work and choices in ways that I didn't have to before was a good learning experience,” she said.

Riane Telesz, a senior graphic designer who interned for Silk Screen Film Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, agrees with Long. Telesz states that interacting with such a wide variety of professionals over the course of her summer allowed her to more accurately decide the type of job she would like to pursue after graduation. Telesz was surprised by the more chaotic nature of the real world, as opposed to the very deadline-oriented college experience. She encourages younger design students to take deadlines seriously and develop successful time management skills, because it’s hard to tell what the real world will entail.

Nikki Jo Fair, senior graphic design major who interned at Sapling Press, a letterpress company in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, had a similar experience with the fast-paced nature of intern life. Fair was able to rely on her self described, detail-orientated approach and quick learning to take in all the new experiences.

What surprised Fair was the amount of “independence” she was given at Sapling. She anticipated “doing all kinds of preparation work for the other printers, for Lisa (the owner of Sapling Press) and for my other co-workers.” However, before long, Fair was starting and completing projects on her own. Fair was quick to express her sincere gratitude towards Sapling Press and all its employees for all of the “life experiences” her four months there have provided her.

Similarly, Luke Scribner, a senior animation major, who interned at MoreFrames Animation in Erie, Pennsylvania, expressed his gratitude for the chance to add professional work and experience to his resume. Scribner began his internship unsure of what to expect, but proudly stated, “the first project I worked on was actually an animated trailer for IDW's Transformers comic.”

Scribner was pleased to learn that MoreFrames, a “small animation studio in my hometown of Erie,” pulled in many “high- level” clients that he was proud to have been able to work with.

All four of these students finished their interviews encouraging students to pursue internships of their own. They mentioned some advantages were building resumes, practicing interview skills and gaining invaluable experiences.

Shelby Kirk is the graphic designer for The Spectator. She can be reached at ae.spectator 

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