Artist Spotlight: A passion for creation

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Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 9:22 AM
Artist Spotlight: A passion for creation by Abby Martinson

Pablo Picasso once said: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he (or she) grows up.”

Julia Moran, a senior graphic design major at Edinboro, has always had a special place in her heart for art. Even since she was very young, Moran has always had the drive to hold on to that love and the need to create.

At her kindergarten graduation, Moran’s teachers asked her the cliché question we all remember hearing as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Even then, the answer was obvious: an artist. For most people, hobbies and passions come and go as we grow, so it’s always admirable to come across someone who has held the same interest for years. If you have the proper dedication, it is important to continue to pursue it and, as Moran put it, “see where that calling takes you, so that someday you can build a career out of your favorite thing to do.”

In order to continue carrying out the artistic vision, her academic career led her to Edinboro University. Having spent four years here, Moran can attest to the quality of her experience: “Edinboro has helped me greatly with improving my art skills. The hands-on classes have really helped me with figuring out perspective, color theory and composition, as well as the small class sizes that lead to crucial one-on-one time with professors where the greatest amount of learning and growing can happen.” 

One question most people might have for students pursuing art is how they keep their inspiration to create. For Moran, she answered, “the surrealism movement, everyday life and my favorite artists such as Robert Beatty keep me motivated and inspired on a daily basis.” As a result, creating art has always come easily for her, and she finds herself viewing the world quite differently; everything around her is an art form in her eyes. From the emotions she feels, to her favorite bands, and even the way photographs can capture a moment just as it is, she seeks the beauty of her surroundings. 

She not only does this through her graphic design work, but also through film. In fact, Moran has been considering taking on a film minor. It all began on her 15th birthday, when she can recall receiving her first Canon DSLR camera. This opened her up to a whole new world of creation. With this new discovery, she narrowed her focus within film towards abstract montages of life experiences and capturing the special moments with her friends. 

Most importantly, Moran has a special appreciation for bringing world issues to light through her work, such as deforestation, over-population and equal rights. Moran explained, “I feel like art is a great medium [in order] to convey a message to a viewer through visuals rather than words, because it is able to evoke the proper emotions to make change happen.”

As for her current endeavors, Moran is preparing for graduation by working on her senior portfolio, which will consist of print-based media, motion graphics, photography and more.

After graduation, she plans on moving to Pittsburgh and working at a design firm, specifically one that specializes in branding and corporate identity. However, she also plans to continue doing freelance graphic design work for clients, along with photography as a hobby, such as shooting weddings and special events. She also plans to continue pursuing her passion projects pertaining to music and branding.

Wherever life takes Moran after graduating, you can count on her continuing to follow her artistic passions.

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