Artist Spotlight: Capturing the Moment

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Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 5:29 PM
Artist Spotlight: Capturing the Moment by Jamie Heinrich
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Alex Ho aims to make art with a purpose. The senior cinema major, who uses his short films to showcase other local artists, is intentional about capturing a moment and immersing his audience in other worlds.  

Originally from Singapore, Ho and his family migrated to the U.S. in December 2005. He started his college career at Westminster College as a dual major in communications and English, then transferred to Edinboro University as a sophomore to be part of the cinema program. 

Wanting to give back and be a part of something greater than himself, Ho also joined the U.S. National Guard in 2013 and has served there since. As he explained: “I wanted to give back, you know? I had to fulfill this strong sense of duty.”

Ho is now both a filmmaker and a photographer, as he enjoys creating visual magic for anyone who views his work. 

“Between my film and my photos, I can’t really pick one [as a favorite], because both mediums are so similar, but are so different. Because [with] photos, if you capture the right moment, they are able to leave audiences with a sense of mystery or magic. You almost get this viewpoint into this place, or time, or moment. I think there is this barrier between you and the photo that almost gives you this sense of magic, right? Whereas film and video and moving pictures, it is an entirely different medium because it provokes a different emotion. You are immersed in the world that it creates, the sounds that go with it, the effects, the cinematic is so different,” he said. 

Ho’s favorite work created at Edinboro is a short documentary film that was entered into the David Weinkauf Film Festival in 2016 called “Handmade.” The film showcases a local woodworker, giving viewers a glimpse into the master craftsmanship that goes into each piece and the beauty of human creation. 

“The inspiration [behind ‘Handmade’] came from wanting to see and bring to light things and people who are being overlooked in their craft and how easy it is to overlook their craft as an art,” he explained.  

Ho said that he happened upon photography as an interest. He started out taking photos as a hobby. Then friends asked him to take some portraits. Then he shot some weddings. Now, he is grateful to have a professional photography business where he can capture magic moments in people’s lives.

When asked about the philosophy behind his work, Ho stated: “I think it is very important to give glory to my maker; that is something that I want my work to be known for. I think we live in an amazing world, a beautiful world that God has created. I believe he (God) has given me the talents and has given me the eye to create art.” 

Ho later explained how he views his art as a means of personal expression. “Art is a way that we express ourselves, and we don’t need to understand it, because it understands us.” 

Currently, he is working on a new short documentary that will be released in May 2019. “I am working on another small business spotlight…focusing in on little beautiful moments in their craft,” said Ho.

You can check out his photography and a selection of his films at 

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