Artist Spotlight: Painting with memories

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Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 11:40 AM
Artist Spotlight: Painting with memories by Jamie Heinrich
Photo: Jamie Heinrich

Every precise brush stroke brings Sydney Moore closer to her finished creation. The colors on the canvas in front of her have taken shape to show a Mexican street, and it makes one forget about the chilly Edinboro air — just for a moment. This one, like her other pieces, has Moore hoping to evoke childhood memories from anyone who views her art. 

As a senior fine arts major with a concentration in painting, a minor in Spanish and a minor in art history, Moore is a very busy woman. However, in everything she does, she tries to give it her full attention. She tries to be conscientious in every aspect of her art. 

Those who view Moore’s work can see the meticulous thought that has gone into every flick of a brush or scrape of a palette knife. Her preferred medium is oil paint on wooden panel. 

Stylistically, Moore explains, “I like to focus on not trying to make my paintings photorealistic, but [to] have a painterly sense to it. So, [I aim to] have a sense of mark-making, by the paintbrush or the palette knife and having at least one figure in the composition.”  

Moore looks up to artists such as Nicolas Uribe and Nicolas Sanchez. They are fellow artists who both draw and paint, while working mostly with figure. “I admire the way that they use mark making in their paintings, as well as terrestrial marks in their drawings, and how they are able to accurately depict things without making their focus photorealistic.”

Recently, Moore’s painting, “Brothers,” was featured in the Painting and Drawing Club’s show in Bates Gallery. “Brothers” is her favorite piece to date. 

“I am most proud of it because it most accurately shows what I am focusing on right now as an artist, conceptually and aesthetically.”

Much of the inspiration behind Moore’s art has been traveling inside and outside the United States. She enjoyed observing the things around her and wanted to articulate them artistically. 

“Since I was young, I wanted to have a way to express what I was observing in a way that wasn’t just taking a picture. Also my faith (Christianity) is a big part of what goes into my artwork. I like to work in parts of my spiritual life without having it hit you over the head.”

Over the past summer, Moore spent two weeks at Bethel Church in Reading, California, in a program called WorshipU. It’s a school based on worship, while focusing on anything such as singing, dancing, playing the drums or being a visual artist. 

“I went there focusing on my visual arts, as well as musically and vocally (expressing herself through worship). So, while I was there, I took classes on how to technically get better as an artist, as well as a singer and musician. And also, [I] took classes on how to incorporate creativity into my spiritual life.”

When she graduates in December 2019, Moore said: “I don’t have a clear path on what I’m doing after I graduate, but I know that I can’t see myself do anything else but fine arts. I want to work in either a Christian organization or a church doing creative arts: musically, artistically or both.”

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