Artist Spotlight: Serving up sketches

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Friday, October 25th, 2019 at 10:54 AM
Artist Spotlight: Serving up sketches by Madi Gross
An oil painting by Horner. | Contributed Photo

“My favorite thing about art is that it is accessible to anyone,” began senior art major Abby Horner.

“You don’t have to be super, super trained, but if you work on it, it’s something that you can totally teach yourself and anyone can appreciate it.”

On most days, you can find Horner in either Loveland or Hamilton halls, painting, drawing or working with other mediums. On others, you can find the senior in McComb Fieldhouse, working at another passion she has — volleyball. Whatever venue you find her in, she is sure to greet you with a smiling face and a warming conversation.

After taking a gap year in between high school and college, Horner began her journey at Edinboro. She explained that during that off-time, she worked and made a list of all the possible careers she might pursue.

Horner landed on the path of art education. It wouldn’t be a final decision, though.

“Time goes on,” Horner began. “You learn what you do like and what you don’t like.”

The senior is now pursuing a degree in studio arts and is still making up her mind as to whether she wants to concentrate in drawing or painting.

“I always joke around that it was my first love,” Horner said smiling, in regard to drawing.

She reminisced about always doodling when she was younger. She also noted that the medium has always been accessible and something that had come easily.

“Painting was this new thing,” she said. “It’s like drawing, and you use all the same concepts and everything, but you have color and you can manipulate it in different ways. So that’s exciting in that sense.”

Between her courses, working on her own personal projects, extra-curricular activities and a collegiate sport, Horner stays busy. But she still somehow finds the time to not only complete assignments on deadline, she completes them with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

When given an assignment, Horner explained that one of the first thoughts to cross her mind is: “What time do I have that I can give?” She then puts her best effort into the time that she gets by staying on task.

Horner elaborated: “[It’s] just realizing that you’re not going to get this day again [and] to use it well, but also not worrying about the grade...worrying about doing things well.”

Horner said that for most of her projects, she takes the time to plan and sketch beforehand. If she hesitates too much on one certain aspect, she believes it’s okay to just “jump in,” because art tends to evolve as the creative process moves along.

Some of her personal favorite works have come from her courses at Edinboro.

“I really like the prints I’ve made in my ‘Printmaking I’ class,” she stated.

She further explained that she was given a lot of freedom in the course, which she enjoys.

Horner also particularly enjoys working with charcoals because it is easy to manipulate in ways that you can’t with other forms of art.

“It’s really fun,” she added.

There have been several people that have helped Horner along her journey, including Edinboro professors Terry McKelvey and Cappy Counard.

“I had her (Counard) for ‘Metals I,’ and I have her for ‘Professional Practices Studio Arts.’ I just go to her for anything — she’s awesome,” Horner said in regards to Counard.

Alongside Edinboro professors, Horner has motivation from a place closer to home — at home, in fact. Her face lit up as she said, “My mom is pretty much my best friend.”

She explained that she can call her mom anytime she needs advice or somebody to talk to. Her mom will also give her advice from an artistic prospective, as she was an art major herself.

In addition, Horner explained that she often uses her art to express her faith.

“It’s a response and an act of worship of like, I was made by the ultimate creator,” Horner said, explaining that creating is part of who she is.

Horner is looking to continue her schooling at Edinboro and looks to finally make a decision between drawing and painting. And although she’ll make a decision between the two, she foresees that she’ll minor in whichever she doesn’t major in.

Horner has an upcoming gallery show on campus in Bates Gallery where she and another artist will display their work.

Additional Photos:

An oil painting by Horner. | Contributed PhotoA charcoal work by Horner. | Contributed PhotoAnother charcoal work by Horner. | Contributed Photo

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