Artistic Inspiration: a journey from music to sports journalism

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 6:09 PM

As a junior in college, I reminisce about how I’ve gotten this far.

Growing up I was a very shy kid. I didn’t like being in the spotlight or public speaking. But somewhere along the way, I fell love with music. I used my voice every chance I could get. Every show, every concert, every dinner theatre, I was there. Whether it was big name or small, I was there. I was in marching band, jazz band, chorus, the handbell group, the steel pan group, anything musically that I could get involved in, I did. 

When I left high school, it was almost like I dropped a piece of myself into a void. I went from being heavily involved in anything and everything music, to silence. I kept myself distracted and spent the summer working roughly 60 hours a week up until I left for my freshman year experience.

I got to Edinboro and went through the motions; I felt prepared, but I was still nervous. I spent most of my first few weeks going to class, in my room and with my roommate. About my third week in is when I fell into the hands of campus media, first working with Edinboro Television on sports broadcasts and slowly moving my way into The Spectator and WFSE Radio.

I started as a photographer for The Spectator, but soon after I was writing small pieces or small sports articles. Shortly after I was the assistant sports editor, writing quality stories, getting my foot in the door with WFSE and calling sports. As I migrated to radio, I kept shows continuing — both music shows and sports talk shows.

I played some sports growing up, but I didn’t pay attention to them — collegiate, local, national, nothing. Now my everyday life revolves around sports. I open my Twitter feed and it’s full of sports — athletes, broadcasters, journalists — all sports.

Throughout the years I’ve announced countless sporting events on air, created several photo galleries, written countless articles and more. I enjoy writing stories — features especially — and most of my writing sits in the sports section. 

I have found my creative outlet: journalism. Looking back to three years ago is quite surreal now, growing out of one creative outlet and into another.

When I graduate, I hope to utilize both of my degrees — journalism and sports and recreation administration — and work in or with sports. Whether it be sports photography, sports broadcasting, sports administration or virtually any other outlet, I want to use my degrees to help people and to tell people’s stories.

I miss being involved in music and hope to someday have a chance to get back into it, but I believe that my growing up in performing has made an impact on who I am today and has allowed me to grow into this new creative outlet. For example, performing helped me become comfortable and confident when speaking to people, which helps with broadcasting and interviews.

I’m incredibly thankful for the experiences that I have been granted in my life, and hopefully I can continue to improve in my new outlet as I continue into the future and to one day be working in a field I love.

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