Bates hosts artist duo Horner and Moore

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Friday, November 1st, 2019 at 11:25 AM
Bates hosts artist duo Horner and Moore by Ben McCullough
A crown gathered for the gallery's reception on Oct. 22. | Photo: Ben McCullough

For the first time this semester, Bates Gallery hosted a dual exhibition, with Edinboro’s Sydney Moore and Abby “Joy” Horner displaying art that explored their shared idea of “Sacred in the Mundane.”

Moore wrote in her artist statement: “I enjoy highlighting what we consider the mundane, like the side of the garage where the roof is falling apart or the kitchen wall on a dreary day. Recently I have been exploring the intimate moments I have while observing the world around me.”

Moore and Horner actually both expressed this idea in their artist statements, with Horner writing: “Finding beauty and life in quiet, neglected, and simple places continually intrigues and inspires me. To find the sacred in the ordinary is what I desire to bring to my paintings and drawings.”

Both artists utilized charcoal on rag paper, photographs, oil paintings, prints and more, all hanging from the walls of Bates. A wall centerpiece was also set up, which displayed the name of the gallery and featured four photographs from each artist. The photos featured scenes of subtlety, such as light coming through a hallway window or a picture of the bottom half of a stove.

The majority of the pieces in the gallery were either black, white or grey, however, each artist did utilize color at times. Moore had several large pieces that were done with oil paint. She said, “My paintings emulate the variety of sentiments held within a warm highlight, a reflection of pink, a shadow of blue, and so on.”

Check out Bates Gallery, located in Loveland Hall, next week to see which Edinboro artist has their work on display.

Additional Photos:

A crown gathered for the gallery's reception on Oct. 22. | Photo: Ben McCullough'In the Hallway' by Sydney Moore. | Photo: Ben McCullough'Window Weeds' by Abby Horner. | Photo: Ben McCullough

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