Bieber Fever is a sickness and we must find the vaccine

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 at 10:06 PM
Bieber Fever is a sickness and we must find the vaccine by Andy Vest

“I’m a person who genuinely cares. And although what’s happened in the past has happened, I just want to make the best impression on people and be kind and loving and gentle and soft.” — Justin Bieber

This was an apology to fans I heard about from my “Belieber” coworker and an apology I did not believe for a second. In the past, Bieber has apologized and began to have an emotional meltdown on stage, as he talked about “losing his purpose.”

Let’s take a look at just a few things he has done.

Bieber was arrested and charged with assault in Toronto, Canada.

He egged his neighbor’s house and was charged with a misdemeanor and placed under probation.

In 2014, he drove an ATV into a minivan that belonged to the paparazzi just before getting into an altercation with one of them and being taken into custody.

He has a habit of bailing on making TV appearances, which I would have thought was part of his contract, but of course with everything he does, he just screams that he does not care.

He drank and smoked weed on stage. I honestly wouldn’t care about this so much if the majority of his fan base weren’t probably still young adolescents.

He has been involved in a DUI incident.

He was even being considered for deportation out of the United States back to Canada.

He’s done even more ridiculous things that somehow get reported on, like in 2013, where he was “baptized in his friend’s bathtub” because he wanted privacy, but then tweeted about it.

“Love to my guy @carllentzNYC for the amazing sermon at church this morning. Love you man. I broke down today. Thank u :).”

But after all of this and with the help of some mind-boggling acts of the universe, he still has fans! This awkward narcissist, who has around 80 million followers on his Twitter account, just seems to whine or run away when things don’t go his way or makes awkward and rude comments to his fans.

The main reason, though, why I believe he deserves to fade away from the spotlight: the way he treats his own fans.

The most recent incident being his cancellation of his meet-andgreets, which ranged anywhere from $900 to $2,000. He reported that meeting all these people left him drained and on the verge of depression, but other reports by TMZ state that not long before the cancellation, one of his stalkers got too close to him and scared the security team.

Fans are finally mad at him because of this, and I don’t blame them. He starts his Purpose World Tour, fans shell out this ridiculous money to meet him, and then he cancels before they get the chance. Again, he doesn’t stay committed to what he said he’s going to do. I would understand him not having the meet-andgreets on following tours, but from this current one, it’s iffy.

Fans are offered a refund, but by doing so they lose their seats that are located in the pit. If I were in that position, I would forget it and get my money back.

He has literally walked off stage at a concert in Oslo, Norway, after performing only one song of the handful of songs he was supposed to sing. His reasoning was due to a bad week and no sleep. Welcome to reality buddy, everybody on this planet deals with that. All this guy has to do is perform and get paid. If any of us did this at our place of employment, the majority of us would have been fired.

He also stated that, “the people in the front row would not listen.” Notice how he doesn’t say fans, but says, “the people.” He disses his fans who basically paid more money than the rest of those in attendance to get as close as they can to the “beloved” artist.

In a concert in Spain he got annoyed and stopped the song, “What Do You Mean” for a few seconds to show them how to clap to the song before adding if they weren’t able to clap on beat, to not, and then he laughed about it. You can view the video online and it’s quick, but you can definitely notice the awkward looks on his fans’ faces as they try to still enjoy the performance.

He has left interviews, too. For example, he left a Spanish radio station, and the reasoning isn’t too clear, but it could have been due to the interview being disorganized or from the questions. For clarification, they asked if he dresses himself. But for someone that doesn’t seem to care about being shirtless half the time at concerts, being naked on boats, or doing underwear ads for Calvin Klein, I don’t see why a question like that would bug him.

In Toronto, he asked for girls in the audience who were 13 or 14 years old and followed with a very bad joke about them having four years until they are 18.

I understand that Bieber is young, but clearly he isn’t ready to handle being a star. He probably didn’t have much of a childhood due to him being taken under a record label at a young age. I believe he should just stay out of the spotlight until he is capable of acting like a mature adult that deserves praise from his fans and can demonstrate true acts of kindness.

The way I see his acts of apologies and stunts are just ploys to get him noticed and to make himself and his agency more cash. His apologies are issued just before his new album comes out and then he cancels, walks out, and mocks his fans during his performances. He doesn’t seem to care about his fans and seems to be solely in it for the money.

I do believe in the term, “Bieber Fever” though. It’s a sickness that his fans need to recover from, let go, and find a more caring and inspiring artist to look up to.

Even while writing this article, he is still trending. The latest junk? His new hobby on adult coloring books. This stuff isn’t news, and I will never find this information to be relevant enough to be placed on my newsfeed.

Andy Vest is a Senior Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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