Bill Clinton Adresses Erie

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Monday, April 11th, 2016 at 12:01 PM
Bill Clinton Adresses Erie by Dakota Palmer

Last week, President Bill Clinton visited Penn State Behrend’s Erie Hall in order to campaign for his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This is not the first Erie visit for President Clinton, as he visited the Behrend campus in 2008 to campaign for Hillary.The night before the rally, the Erie Times-News predicted around 300 people would be in attendance; however, over 1200 people crammed into Erie Hall to hear President Clinton speak. Republicans and Democrats alike squeezed into the small building in order to hear how Secretary Clinton was going to change the country if elected president.

The rally was set to begin at 10:15, however President Clinton was late and did not begin his speech until 11. Still, people waited patiently for him to finally take the stage.

Once he did, he said, “I think Hillary should be President because I think she has the best ideas. I think the best ideas clearly are promoting more jobs, promoting more income equality, raising the middle class, reducing poverty, because I think she has the best ideas for making college more affordable for all Americans and debt more manageable and because I strongly, strongly believe she is the best qualified to be Commander-in-Chief.”

He went on to talk about how many people are in prison for small offenses for long periods of time and how he and his wife want to change that. Additionally, he discussed how many young people are incarcerated and released without any transition into the world with job training and education.

“We’ve got to listen to each other. We live in a country where young African Americans think they’re number one threat now is from police officers, when I signed that crime bill they knew what their number one threat was; it was from gangs making money on cocaine taking teenage kids, offering them up, giving them guns, and telling them go kill other teenagers to prove their oath,” President Clinton said. “We cannot learn anything unless we listen.”

He also discussed how Secretary Clinton could create more jobs in America if she were elected president. He said, “Flint, MI is not the only town in America where kids have elevated lead levels in their blood because of rusty pipes. Think of how many jobs we could create if we ripped up all of those rusty pipes. You can’t export those out, they’d be right here…we could give every child in this country a healthy future. Bring jobs home in modern manufacturing.”

He spoke largely about creating manufacturing and transportation jobs in American and how they could strengthen the economy.

Finally, he discussed how the US is very much divided on issues when we should be coming together to fix issues.

He said, “We have fought too long with each other over small things when we’ve got so much big stuff to do.”

He ended with, “You may not change things overnight, but you can always change things.”

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