Boro Bikes newest edition to campus enjoyment

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021 at 3:49 PM
Boro Bikes newest edition to campus enjoyment  by Joe Lewis
Photo: Julia Petrovich

As classes are back in full swing and the weather is getting colder, some students are looking for potential alternative ways commute to class.  One of the newest additions to the Edinboro University campus this semester isBoro Bikes, a cost-effective and environmentally friendlyoption for navigating between classes.  The bikes are available for rent across campus at various locations, including by the Highlands, Lawrence Towers, Van Houten Dining Hall, and the Frank G. Pogue Student Center.  But are they as convenient as they seem? 

The bikes were implemented several weeks ago as an easier, quicker, and more accessible way to get around campus. They are easily recognizable by their white frames, brown seats, and Edinboro-branded baskets, and they are an implementation of the Student Government OrganizationThe basket located at the back of the bike is also a good way to transport food or books. 

As gas prices have been on the rise in recent months, the bikes have been an easy and cheap option for students looking for quick ways to get around campus without driving 

Loaning one out for the day can be done via an app, On Bike Share, and a credit card number is required for insurance reasons incase the bike is lost or damaged. However, some students have expressed that they are wary or hesitant to rent one out when they are prompted with this, although they are free to rent. To rent a bike, one must open the app and select the number bike that they want to rent. The bike will automatically unlock from the rack and the user is free to travel about town.  

The bikes themselves provide many advantages to students. Besides being free and environmentally beneficial, students have been using them as an easy way to get food and explore the town off campus.   

“I love them, they’re a great way to get around oncampus and off campus,” said Alexandria Reif, a freshmanThey are offer a good form of exercise, whether it be getting to and from classes or simply as a hobby.  However, helmets are not provided with the bikes, meaning it would be a good idea to have one of your own. 

After using the bikes, they are able to be returned to any Boro Bike location. Simply dock the bike to the pin on the rack, ensuring it is securely locked in, and the rental will end automatically.   

I think they’re pretty cool because you can take one anywhere,” said Johnny Patterson, a freshmanand member of the Student Government Association, which is the club that started the program as part of Edinboro’s initiative to become increasingly eco-friendly. 

The university also ordered 50 more that will be arriving soon, according to Patterson, which will come in handy for all on-campus students as winter is around the corner and the less time spent outside commuting to class, the better. The Boro Bikes are a perfect, convenient combination of cheap, environmentally conscious exercise to get around campus in a fast, productive way, and renting one might just be worth it.

Joe Lewis is a staff writer for The Spectator. He can be reached at

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