Boro moves to second in PSAC

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at 8:58 PM
Boro moves to second in PSAC by Michael McLaughlin
Photo: Michael Lantinen

The Edinboro women’s soccer team clinched their seventh straight PSAC playoff appearance with a win against Slippery Rock on Oct. 19.

Going into halftime, the Scots were down 1-0 after Dara Demich of Slippery Rock beat Edinboro goaltender Sarah Baskey.

“I wanna say it was a misjudgment,” head coach Gary Kagiavas said about how the ball was played prior to the goal.

The ball hit off of Jess Sandhas’ head and landed at Demich’s feet and there wasn’t much Baskey could do to stop the one-on-one opportunity.

Kagiavas said at halftime that they switched around their attacking midfielder, so that Coleen Broadman would play that position. He felt making that switch really benefited the team in the second half.

“The first half, we just seemed to be laboring, I don’t know what it was. We just didn’t seem that excited to be there,” Kagiavas said.

In the 50th minute of the game, Alex Brown tied the game with a shot from the left side of the box. Ashley Mutkus would get credit for an assist.

In the 56th minute, Mutkus found Brown again for a score. Brown got the ball, shooting immediately.

“I think they believed they would win the game no matter what, it was just a matter of getting that first goal,” Kagiavas said.

In the 76th minute Mutkus scored a goal of her own, finding the lower corner of the net on a pass from Broadman.

Kagiavas said there has always been someone scoring throughout this season. It has shifted between players, but he said there has been a “consistent drip” of scoring this year.

Kagiavas also noted how important Mutkus and Brown’s experience is. Since they have been here before, they know what it’s like and they know how to play in big game situations.

The team is still dealing with a lot of injuries, which is affecting the positions everyone plays on a game-to-game basis.

“It’s moving a lot of kids in a lot of different positions, [and] hopefully they come through,” Kagiavas said while laughing.

He continued, saying his team’s five consecutive days off helped with a few nagging injuries players were suffering from.

Brown is now tied with Jansen Hartmann for eighth all-time with 26 goals and Baskey is tied with Amy Stevens for third all time in wins, recording her 24th Wednesday evening.

Edinboro vs East Stroudsburg

In their second double overtime game of the season, the Edinboro women’s soccer team was able to come out of this one with a win over East Stroudsburg. Alex Brown scored the game-winning goal in the 104th minute.

The win improved their record to 12-2-1 overall and 11-2-1 in the PSAC, which puts them in second place in the conference.

Kagiavas said he was not too worried about losing this game because of how good East Stroudsburg was playing and the fact that it was on the road. The team has already clinched a top four spot in the PSAC playoff tournament, but if they win their next two games, they will be the second seed in the playoffs.

“It’s kind of a big deal beating them. As a group we were relaxed and trying to get a result, but it wasn’t a pressure situation for us,” he said.

Kagiavas feels it’s important to have a good seed for the first round of conference playoffs. If you win that round, there’s a good chance the team will make it into the NCAA tournament. Also, since West Chester has clinched the number one seed, if they were to lose, and Edinboro wins their final two games, they would become the best overall seed.

“It was a ball played into the corner and we were putting pressure [on] going into the wind and we played the ball through. Brownie beat the kid to the corner and she turned the kid and she flipped it and it went into the far side netting. When she hit it you could tell it was going in,” Kagiavas said.

The Warriors have an unconventional style of play. They play a 4-2-3-1, which has four midfielders, while Edinboro only has three. This forced the Scots to shift often with their defensive and offensive players.

“We did really, really well. Our defense is rock solid and not just the defense, but our organization of our team from the top [to] back was really good,” Kagiavas said.

Kagiavas commented at the end of the interview that everyone is playing really well right now.

He specifically talked about Mutkus, Coleen Broadman and Grace Kereky’s experience because of how much it has helped them this season, noting his back four have been solid all season. 

Michael McLaughlin is a Sports Editor for The Spectator and can be reached at

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