BoroSync launches, club approves

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Thursday, September 10th, 2015 at 11:57 AM

With the start of the 2015-16 school year underway, Edinboro University launched a brand new website that is accessible to all students, clubs and organizations. The university has high hopes for this program, known as BoroSync, as many club presidents take the reins and utilize this feature.

BoroSync is accessed through the my.edinboro home page under the launchpad section. A total of 147 organizations, ranging from Greek Life to Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA), have already begun to implement the program and reap its benefits.

Rachele Eckels, President of Highland Ambassadors, is one of many presidents taking action this semester. “BoroSync is a great program that the university has implemented at the start of the 2015-2016 academic year. I began trying to figure it out over the summer, but once I attended the trainings that were offered by the university, it made me extremely excited to adopt it into the Highland Ambassadors Organization,” Eckels said. “The many resources it offers are astounding. After demonstrating the new capabilities to my club members and advisors, the program was welcomed with open arms to the organization.”

Some features making BoroSync so attractive to Eckels and others who have also begun using the program are the ability it provides an organization to give important information about the club or organization on their page to prospective members. Some of this information can include: What their purpose is along with a clear description of what they are and what they stand for, meeting times and locations, who the members involved are and how to get in contact with someone.

An interested student can explore the organization and see if it’s a right fit for them and something they would be interested in involving themselves with. BoroSync also has various tabs on each page to discover, such as the “Events” tab, which allows the site’s visitors to see what events the organization will be holding and in some cases, giving students the opportunity to sign up and attend them.

For some organizations, such as Highland Ambassadors, members are required to attend a certain number of events and complete a specific number of volunteer hours. Using the “Events” tab, students can keep track of such things. Another helpful feature the website offers is the ability to create Excel Spreadsheets out of the data given by its users.

Eckels and the rest of the Highland Ambassador organization found this to be “a great and efficient feature that we all thought was simply amazing.”

As more and more clubs and organizations become involved with BoroSync, it’s sure to replace former methods of management and make for a fresh and simple way to spread awareness and knowledge about each of these organizations campus wide. 

Shaylee Dillen is a staff writer for The Spectator.

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