BoroSync transitions to EngagEU

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Friday, September 13th, 2019 at 11:20 AM

BoroSync, a MyEdinboro service that allowed the Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA) to approve clubs and their funding, among other functions, is no longer in use. The service was also meant to give organizations a platform to post club information and was intended as a central spot for the campus community to learn about events taking place.

Over the summer, EUSGA made the switch from BoroSync to EngagEU. According to Leslie Colonello, EUSGA director of operations, the switch was made to make life easier for the faculty and students of the university. “I chose the summer to make the switch because that’s the longest time period where students aren’t active in the system, so it was the easiest time to migrate everything over, learn how to use it, and then be able to teach the students how to use it.”

Both BoroSync and EngagEU are owned by Campus Labs, meaning that both platforms are similar in set-up. “They (Campus Labs) are getting rid of WorkSync because most of the campuses use Engage, so they want all of their campuses to use Engage,” said Colonello.

For the most part, EngagEU does the same things as BoroSync with the addition of the Corq (pronounced like “Cork”) application, which is free for students to use. Corq helps students keep up with campus events by providing info right at their fingertips. With this addition, they can see what events are going on, what time they are happening, and they’re also able to swipe into the event from their mobile devices — no student ID card needed. 

“We did a 10-day free trial over Welcome Weekend [and] students really enjoyed it,” said Colonello.

According to Colonello, the EngagEU interface is generally more user-friendly than BoroSync. “People really like this app. They say it is a lot easier to use.”

As of the switch, all organizations are locked out of BoroSync. Clubs that have information still stored in BoroSync are asked to speak to Colonello before October so that she can retrieve this information for them. She can be contacted at

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