Bradford draws flag, but Scots cut down penalties

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 at 5:22 PM

On a third-and-17 play from Bloomsburg’s own 47-yard line, Jarrod Keller looked for a deep pass to his right. The ball ended up bouncing closest to Andre Dowdell Jr., but only because Ta’Nauz Gregory was cutoff while making his way downfield. 

A hit from a Bloomsburg defensive back as the ball left Keller’s hand stopped Gregory in his tracks. A flag was initially thrown, but later waived off after the referees conferred.

Head Football Coach Wayne Bradford pleaded his case with the referees along the sideline until another flag was thrown – this time on Bradford himself. The 15-yard penalty after the incomplete pass made it fourth down with 32 yards to go from within Edinboro’s own 40. Edinboro punted on the next play.

Going into the game, Bradford made it a point to cut down on penalties after Edinboro suffered 13 infractions against Lake Erie in their season opener.

“First thing I’ve got to do is apologize to our fans and our program for myself getting [a penalty] at the end,” Bradford said. “So if I’m going to preach discipline and poise, you know, being under control, then I’ve got to do a better job of that. So I’d like to apologize to everyone for that.

“[The referee’s] explanation to me was there’s no holding when the ball’s in the air. I’ve never heard that before,” he added. “And when he told me there was no holding when the ball was in the air, you know, I probably said something I shouldn’t. But I’ve never heard that. That means that everybody can hold when the ball’s in the air? There’s no penalty?”

Including Bradford’s, the Fighting Scots were penalized just five times for 63 yards. He said the players and coaches recognized the need to cut down penalties and took the necessary steps to do so.

“They understand that to win close games in the PSAC, we’ve got to play as close to perfect as we can,” he added. “Those [15-yard penalties] are the ones that you definitely have to eliminate because it takes no talent to not get an unsportsmanlike conduct called.”

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