Brief: The Future of EdinboroNow

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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 at 12:04 PM
Brief: The Future of EdinboroNow by Britton Rozzelle

EdinboroNow was created with the intention of unifying the work of Edinboro University's Campus Media Organizations (ETV, The Spectator and WFSE), and until now it's been a pretty fine representation of all three.

Now, however, we're going to be putting much more focus on unification and story-sharing to not only better cover events to the best of our ability given the talent and technology we have, but really escalate the usefulness and quality of content on the website. Below is a clip from ETV regarding Make-A-Swish, which you will now notice has been linked to The Spectator's own story of it here.

We hope that moving forward into the fall semester, more stories will have video or audio components, and will propel this website even further ahead in the future, with event coverage, sports coverage, and general news along with our podcasts.

So, stay tuned for some great and exciting things on EdinboroNow.

— Britton Rozzelle
Current Arts editor, Executive Editor for Fall 2016

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