Business fraternity president looks back at time with EU community

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 10:59 PM

After initially hesitating to relocate up the east coast for college, the consequent move became a defining moment for Tyler Wood. As a senior in the Edinboro business department, he has his sights set high after graduation this spring.

“I originally didn’t want to come to Edinboro,” said Wood, a North Carolina native. “I only ended up coming here because my dad lives in Erie, and is also an alum.” This reluctance didn’t last long however. Once Wood transferred and invested some time around campus, he quickly joined the club lacrosse team, and Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional business fraternity.

“Man am I happy that I did transfer,” stated Wood. He credits the club lacrosse team for helping him get accustomed to Edinboro, as well as meeting a group of exceptional people. His fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi also helped him create relationships, and he attributes much of who he is today from his time spent within the organization. He has even seen himself rise to the position of president.

“I never imagined myself becoming the president,” said Wood. “Being a part of the fraternity has pushed me to be the best I can be, while also teaching and motivating me to be a great leader.” The family aspect of Greek life has also taught Wood to never settle while on the path to achieving his goals. “Having the support from my brothers has encouraged me to go to the limit and be at my peak potential at all times,” said Wood.

Fellow brother Tony Williams shares a similar sentiment about the brotherhood aspect of their fraternity, stating: “Tyler has become a true brother to me since we pledged Alpha Kappa Psi together. We have both grown professionally and I know he’ll always be a phone call away if I need him.”

Wood has begun interviewing with multiple management training programs that a number of different companies offer, like Target and Enterprise. “With these programs I hope to gain enough experience to hopefully manage my own store someday,” said Wood. Once he reaches that goal, he plans on going back to school to acquire an MBA in human resources.

Wood claims all of these goals seem very realistic due to his time spent as the president of his frat. “Being president has forced me to have more responsibility than I’ve ever had before. Having that responsibility has prepared me for the real business world. I feel now I have the ability to take on any challenge.”

Friend and fraternity brother Brandon Bunger has no doubts of Wood’s future successes, stating: “Yes, I do believe Tyler will become successful in the future; he has been responsible for numerous leadership positions and has maintained and done well with each. He’s a very outspoken person who has persevered through so much to get where he is today.”

Over the course of his academic career, the initial hesitation to attend Edinboro has all but completely faded away. This feeling was confirmed when Wood claimed, “My favorite thing about Edinboro would have to be the community, [and] overall I am very thankful that I was able to attend Edinboro and meet such great people.”

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