Campus Club Spotlight: CHAOS Club

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 at 8:46 PM
Campus Club Spotlight: CHAOS Club by Dakota Palmer
Dr. David Hurd is the staff advisor for CHAOS which is open to students from all majors at any point during the semester.

Cooper Hall’s Ambassadors of Science Club (CHAOS) is a student-run organization that helps showcase the museum, planetarium and observatory in Cooper Hall.

In fall of 2012, CHAOS was a small club, but eventually grew and became an official organization the following fall. Currently, the club has 22 members.

Under the guidance of geoscience professor Dr. David Hurd and graduate assistant Shayne Clark, the club welcomes hundreds of local school students for field trips, as well as community members for public shows every year.

CHAOS welcomes people of the community and university to Cooper Hall in an attempt to share the members’ love of science. The club members also travel to McKean Elementary to host booths at their science fairs in addition to hosting hands-on demonstrations with air-dry clay to make fossils.

“CHAOS has shown me that science has touched everyone in some way,” club president Kasey Celestin said.

“Everyone has an interest in something in our museum and we encourage them to go outside and look at animals, rocks and the stars.”

Students of all majors are able to join CHAOS at any point in the semester. In order to be a part of CHAOS, students must fill out membership forms.

“CHAOS is not limited to a specific major: we welcome all majors excitedly.”

“There are scripts for a general outline of museum tours if you are worried about not having enough knowledge of a certain subject. We spread a love of science to adults and children alike in biology, chemistry, physics and geology.”

The only expense is buying a polo shirt to wear to the club’s public events. The shirts are $25. CHAOS meets every other Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the planetarium in Cooper Hall. The next meeting is March 29.

If you are interested in joining CHAOS, please email

Dakota Palmer is the Online Editor for The Spectator.

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