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Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at 6:51 PM

Edinboro University launched a new program on Monday, Oct. 29, to help students with their job and internship search, during and after graduation. The program, called TartanEdge, is in collaboration with uConnect, a higher-education marketing platform.  

This website gives students access to job and internship openings, appointments with a career counselor, a personality trait test, interview preparation and more. The website is run through the career development department in the library.  

“We have a philosophical belief that supporting the career needs of our students is everyone’s responsibility and that every student should be supported in a meaningful way,” said Monica Clem, executive director of career development and experiential learning at Edinboro. “We needed to make career development an integral part of our campus culture and do so in a way that would scale to meet the needs of everyone.” 

TartanEdge is available to current and prospective students, along with staff, employers and alumni. This resource is also organized for different communities, including those supporting candidates with accessibility needs, diverse candidates, LGBTQIA+ and veterans. 

“This platform provides our entire community with an easy way to access what was previously disparate resources, and [it] curates and communicates this information in a meaningful manner that will drive engagement and utilization,” Clem said. 

Along with launching this new program, the career center has also partnered with the Edinboro alumni relations office to bring more specialized information to alumni. This includes resources and job listings for early, mid and advanced career alumni.  

TartanEdge is designed to help students accelerate in their career or start to explore a career change. It is made to support students in career development early on, according to Edinboro University’s Communication Office.  

“Students enrolled at Edinboro know how meaningful this is,” said David Kozhuk, founder of uConnect, in a press release last week. “We’re excited to provide a marketing platform that will help them strengthen their reputation by making it easy for prospective students to also see how dedicated the entire institution is to their career success.”

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