Crawford County Fair judges strip Fair Queen of her crown for PDA

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Friday, September 6th, 2019 at 11:12 AM

Sarah Colgrove was recently announced as the 2019 Crawford County Fair queen, but was then stripped of her crown. Colgrove was stripped of her crown because she was accused of PDA with her boyfriend at the nearby Cochranton Community Fair.

The PDA the judges were appalled by was holding hands with her boyfriend at a different fair. The judges also explained that this was not the only reason they took her crown away. They said she was unaccompanied at the fair when she was holding hands with her boyfriend, while also wearing her crown and sash at this time.

According to The Meadville Tribune and Colgrove, fair officials had received a photo of her wearing “her sash and crown and holding hands with her boyfriend” shortly after being crowned in Meadville. In addition, she denied being unchaperoned. According to the Tribune and cited fair queen rules, prohibited are “public displays of affection to dates/boyfriends while wearing crown and/or sash and representing the Queen Program.”

But let’s be honest. Despite the rules, she was not treated fairly. There was only proof that she was holding hands. And since when is holding someone’s hand offensive or an over-the-top display of affection? If they were all over each other, I could understand how that would be seen as offensive or too much.

I was friends with the girl who won fair queen in my county, and she held hands with her boyfriend in public all the time. She was never stripped of her crown. She never even got in trouble. Who cares if she was wearing a sash or not while doing this?

Colgrove was also accused as being unaccompanied on her visit to the Cochranton fair, but she was technically with her boyfriend. That doesn’t count? And in that interview with the Tribune, she stated her mother never left her side when she attended the event. This isn’t even getting into the concept that she’s an adult at 19.

It seems to me that there were either judges that did not want her to win in the first place, or we’re just dealing with bitter elderly people who did not like the idea of her showing minor PDA in her crown and sash. Let’s face it, some of the older generations don’t like the younger generation’s openness to PDA.

Colgrove should not have been stripped of her title as the 2019 fair queen. She stated her mother was by her side the whole time she attended. This complaint has little ground to stand on. There seems to be more to the story. These are just nonsense reasons to strip someone of such an honor.

After Colgrove was stripped, there was a new queen crowned, Haley Hess. It was later found out Hess declined the offer. Hess was being attacked on social media, according to The Meadville Tribune.

The fair was left without a queen this year. It should not have to end like this. Holding hands should not be looked down upon, or something that makes a woman seem less-than.

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