Deans selected for western integrated university's academic colleges

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021 at 3:17 PM
Deans selected for western integrated university's academic colleges  by Julia Carden
Contributed Photos. Graphic by Julia Carden.

Edinboro University’s Office of Marketing and Communications named the newly selected deans for the integrated Penn West University academic colleges in an email sent to students on Oct. 11. Set to begin in fall 2022, California, Clarion, and Edinboro Universities will slowly transition into operating under one joined curriculum. 

According to the email, Pennsylvania Western University will offer “a single program array with six colleges,” including Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology, Business, Communication and Information Sciences, Education, Social Sciences and Human Services, and Health Sciences.  

Deans for all colleges were announced, with the exclusion of Health Sciences. The dean for the College of Health Sciences “is expected to be selected from among internal applicants,” and is open to any faculty or staff member on the three campuses who has an interest and appropriate background. The screening process for this position will begin soon. 

Academic leaders from all three universities were given the opportunity to express interest in the dean positions. According to Edinboro University’s sitting provost Dr. Michael Hannan, the provosts of the three universities worked as a team to review candidates and make recommendations on dean appointments, “based on interest and the candidates’ background and experience” to Dr. Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson, interim president of Edinboro University.   

The dean’s selected to serve Pennsylvania Western University are as follows: 

  • Dr. Laura Delbrugge, current dean of Clarion’s College of Arts and Sciences, will lead the College of Arts and Humanities for the integrated university 
  • Dr. Brenda Fredette,currentdean of California’s College of Science and Technology, will lead the College of Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology for the integrated university.  
  • Dr. Phillip Frese, current dean of Clarion’s College of Business Administration and Information Sciences, will lead the integrated university’s College of Business, Communication and Information Sciences.  
  • Dr. Gwyneth Price, current dean of Clarion’s College of Education, Health and Human Services, will lead the integrated university'sCollege of Education.  
  • Dr. Kristen Majocha, current dean of California University’s College of Education and Liberal Arts, will lead the integrated university’s College of Social Sciences and Human Services. 

Three out of five deans are currently working at Clarion University, and two are currently at California University. Edinboro faculty were excluded from the list, as were faculty at the other two institutions. Dean candidates included current academic deans from all there universities. Dr. Scott Miller, EU’s current dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, was not included as he was named Interim Provost of Penn West on Sept. 28, a position currently held by Dr. Michael Hannan at Edinboro, Dr. Pam Gent at Clarion, and Dr. Daniel Engstrom at CalU 

Hannan will be retiring from EU this upcoming summer. Hannon originally announced his retirement date in 2018, when he served as Interim President of Edinboro University. Hannan noted that it was an “incredible coincidence” that integration was set to move forward at that given time. He explained further, “While I certainly considered delaying my retirement given this new opportunity, I decided to stay with my original plans and set my retirement date for June 30, 2022.”  

Following his retirement, he plans to volunteer in the local community and take upwriting, activities he said he didn’t have much time for while working at Edinboro U. Hannon also noted that his retirement will allow for a smooth transition for the new provost, who will begin his position on June 1. 

Hannan told the Spectator that he is “very confident” in the abilities of the announced deans. “They are strong leaders with a commitment to creating the best possible experience for their students,” he said. 

“On behalf of all those involved in the integration process, I want to say what a pleasure it was to announce the selection of Dr. Scott Miller as senior vice president for Academic Affairs and provost for the new Pennsylvania Western University and the appointment of deans that followed,” Dale said. “The appointments represent a significant milestone as we continue on the path to integration next summer.”

Julia Carden is the music editor and social media director for The Spectator. She can be reached at

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