Dinosaur design adorn Bates

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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 11:51 PM
Dinosaur design adorn Bates by Livia Homerski
Photo: Nathan Brennan

“A Star-Crossed Event in Dino District” was an exhibit put on by ceramics graduate student Chanakarn Semachai, otherwise known as “Punch,” for her senior exhibition. It was on display in Bates Gallery from April 15-19, with the reception being held on Thursday, April 18.  

In her artist statement, Semachai recalls the story of a man who went to prison before cell phones and social media took over. When he was released, he was shocked to find that everyone had ditched talking to each other for talking through headphones, and everyone was staring at electronic tablets instead of newspapers. She was inspired by this story and related to it, which is why she created a dinosaur-themed work.

“Sometimes when I go to new places or surround myself with a new environment, I feel like I’m a dinosaur. I think people will see that I do not belong. I think about these things a lot, and then I realized that it’s just an insecurity and it is completely normal to have them. We should embrace our differences and find ways to live with it. I would like to send a message through my art that encourages people to accept that everybody is unique, and that is what makes people special as individuals,” stated Semachai in the artist statement.

Semachai’s interpretations of dinosaurs in the modern age looks less like “Jurassic Park” and more like a quirky Adult Swim show. Her dinos sport fishnet tights and eclectic patterns while doing keg stands, sitting in shopping carts, or catching butterflies. Their textures, designs and color palettes speak to the many unique qualities that each individual has and what they like to do.

For those interested in learning more, visit numpucsh.com to see more of Semachai’s art and where to purchase it.

Livia Homerski | ae.spectator@gmail.com

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