Disney's Animated 'Zootopia' Hops from the Screen, to Hearts

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 at 9:23 PM
Disney's Animated 'Zootopia' Hops from the Screen, to Hearts by Logan Lilly
‘Zootopia’ proves to be a solid addition to the Disney animated collection.

Many films in modern cinema deal with the topic of race relations and stereotyping. However, this discussion doesn’t often accompany a children’s film.

Disney’s latest film, “Zootopia,” addresses the issues of generalizing and racial stereotyping in a subtle way.

The film follows Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), Zootopia’s first rabbit police officer, a profession mainly held by larger animals.

Throughout the film, Hopps is held back by many stereotypes associated with being a small mammal, in a city where predator and prey supposedly live in harmony.

Hopps is soon joined by a Fox con-man, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), who is fighting the stereotypes of being a fox, on a case to save Hopps’ career.

While Zootopia’s story is very charming and the acting talent in the film (including Iris Elba as Chief Bogo, J.K. Simmons as Mayor Lionheart and surprisingly Tommy Chong as Yax) is excellent, it falls a little short on laughs. While most Disney films have jokes that both children and adults will both enjoy, most of the laughs this time will solely be from the kids. However, the film does sneak in some adult related humor, including references to “The Godfather” and oddly enough, “Breaking Bad.”

Where the laughs fall short, the story picks up. The narrative of the film is compelling, despite at times being predictable. Throughout the film there are many turns that lead the audience through the varying settings, trying to figure out the case along with the characters. The theme of acceptance is definitely there, but without being preachy.

“Zootopia” also truly shines in its visuals. Throughout the film there are many sight gags that may require multiple watches to catch. Additionally, the character models and expressions are excellent, giving the characters deeper sense for realism and human-like characteristics.

Overall, “Zootopia” is a well-crafted film that can be enjoyed by a diverse audience, but one definitely geared for kids.

Logan Lilly is the Advertising Director for The Spectator.

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