Edinboro art department clubs say ‘Aloha’ to a New Year

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:53 PM
Edinboro art department clubs say ‘Aloha’ to a New Year  by Livia Homerski
Photo: Livia Homerski

When one finds themselves in Hawaii, “Aloha,” is a greeting meant to convey peace, love and compassion. When one finds themselves on the Edinboro campus early in the early fall semester, “Aloha” serves as a greeting to art students, both new and returning, and an opportunity to break out of their concentration and interact with other members of the ‘Boro art community.

When asked what the term meant to her, Clay Club President Madeleine Boucher explained: “Aloha means inclusion. It’s meant for a lot of artists to find their niche, but even non-art majors can come to Aloha, so anyone can join these clubs and be a part of the department.”

This year, on Aug. 30, 13 clubs gathered in an arc in front of Loveland Hall with food, crafts, and information about each one. This group included Animation Club, Art Education Club, Clay Club, Drawing and Painting Club, Film Club, Graphic Design Club, Illustration Club, Metals Club, Photo Club, Print Club, Sculpture Fibers and Extended Media (SFEM) Club, and Wood Club.

In addition to the clubs within the department, Chimera, the school’s art and literary journal, was welcomed to Aloha this year.

“We’re kind of a branch of the graphic design department, and we wanted to represent ourselves this year because we’ve been losing funding and just wanted to get the word out [about Chimera] and get people interested,” said Madison Morrow, a managing director for the journal.

As well as being a place where young artists can meet others who share their passions, many of the clubs offer traveling and conference opportunities, trips to museums and visiting artist events for students to learn from.

Other clubs, such as Art Education Club and Illustration Club offer opportunities to prepare for life post-graduation with their art degrees.

“Michelle Vitali is putting on a lecture for us on how to market freelance work and the more business sides of illustration,” stated Amanda Anstett of Illustration Club. According to Art Education President, Emily Johnston: “We have meetings once every other week, and at these meetings we discuss scheduling, clearances, candidacy, the PAPA test and anything else needed to get through our major. It’s a lot easier to get information regarding your ‘Art Ed’ major if you are a part of this group since few advisors are actually for art education students.”

While talking to the many club members at Aloha, it became clear that the event connects the many branches of the Edinboro art department and allows students to widen their horizons in the art world. Joseph Snarey, co-president of SFEM Club, explained: “We are scheduled for these classes within our certain majors, but without being able to see all that our university has to offer, you don’t know how far you yourself can branch out as an artist. Like, if you were on the set course for animation, you wouldn’t really interact with metals or get to know what they have to offer for you as an artist.”

Livia Homerski can be reached at ae.spectator@gmail.com.

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