Edinboro Borough council discusses options for dam

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Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 at 6:02 PM

The Home Rule Borough of Edinboro Council announced the hiring of a current Edinboro University student at its meeting in the Edinboro Municipal Building on Monday. 

Borough Manager Kevin Opple announced that Jacobo Morazan will be brought in as an intern for the borough’s parks and recreation department. Morazan will be tasked with listing what each of the borough’s nine parks have to offer, while asking residents what they would like to see or what is missing in the parks. Opple said the plan is for his work, which is expected to last 10 weeks, to produce recommendations on what the borough should add as the summer season approaches.

The announcement brought to a close the long process that has been finding an intern for the department. The borough thought they had found someone for the job last year, but the would-be hire turned down the position, even after the borough received grant money in order to provide them with a small stipend for the work.

The council members and Opple also discussed steps the borough can take to minimize the risks the Edinboro Lake Dam poses to the surrounding areas. The dam is considered a high hazard dam by the Department of Environmental Protection’s Dam Safety Division.

Councilman Fred Langill suggested drawing down the water level in the lake by five feet every year, which is what the borough did in the past. Opple replied that those measures were taken in order to curb the population of zebra mussels in the lake and was stopped a few years ago. He added that lowering the level of the lake too much could prove dangerous if there isn’t as much rain to replenish it, leaving it impossible for boats to sail.

Moving on, Opple stated the borough plans to partner with a consulting agency to assess all of the borough’s roads that PennDOT is not responsible for in order to prioritize which should be repaired and to track their conditions over time. The company would give each road’s condition a 1-10 rating, allowing them to know which need immediate repairs and which they can wait to fix.

The borough received bids from two companies for this project, but they don’t need to go through a formal bidding process since the process will cost less than $10,000. He explained that one of the companies provided a bid that was higher than expected, but another — CT Consultants — provided a $7,500 estimate. Opple stressed the project might end up costing less than $7,500, but the bid caps the project cost at that price.

Councilwoman Mary Anne Horne made a motion, which was seconded by Mayor Aaron Gast to award the project to CT Consultants. The motion passed unanimously.

There was concern before the meeting began that not enough council members would be present to make a quorum and have the meeting, but at the start of the meeting Deputy Mayor Jim Kiley was introduced over the phone. Patricia Davis was the only member of the council who was absent.

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