Edinboro Borough council to switch internet provider

Category:  News
Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 at 9:58 PM

On Monday, Sept. 12, the Borough of Edinboro Council passed a proposal which is expected to increase the speed of the internet throughout the borough.

The proposal passed 7-0, and permits the current franchise agreement with the borough’s current cable and internet provider, Coax Cable, to be transferred to Armstrong Cable.

With this change, the internet locally, on campus, is expected to receive a significant boost as Armstrong is promising upgrades to both the equipment and user capability.

Armstrong claims the internet speed will double once they become the borough’s provider.

Armstrong also claimed that because they are much larger than Coax, they have more leverage to negotiate with television program providers, and will be able to provide better programming services for about the same cost. 

Nathan Hirth is a contributing writer for The Spectator. 

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