Edinboro Film series brings 'Amadeus' to Campus

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 11:31 PM
Edinboro Film series brings 'Amadeus' to Campus by Britton Rozzelle
The award-winning performances of F. Murray Abraham and Tom Holce in ‘Amadeus’ will be on display courtesy of the Edinboro Film Series.

Coming up next in the Edinboro Film Series is “Amadeus,” the 1984 period drama about classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his troubled relationship with music, his family and changes in Vienna in the mid-18th century.

The year of its release, the film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, of which it won eight, including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture — adding to the cultural relevance of a film of this magnitude and subject matter. The film also won best motion picture at the Golden Globes in 1985.

From a story perspective — that of an ill-fortuned musician of remarkable mediocrity (Antonio Salieri, played by F. Murray Abraham), one of the world’s greatest musical minds (Mozart, played by Tom Holce) — “Amadeus” is a movie that plays with expectations for a movie just about Mozart or even just about music, as the main character’s struggles, interactions and reactions have won it plenty of notoriety in the past.

Despite themes of envy, religion and death, “Amadeus” was re-cut to be appropriate for young audiences — something that has only added to the lasting effect of this film — as (since the release of the new cut) it has been shown in elementary and middle school music programs around the United States.

From award-winning performances, to a score fitting of the subject matter, “Amadeus,” is a movie that has been recognized by critics and moviegoers alike, and being a part of the Edinboro Film series allows it to reach a whole new audience, over 30 years after its original release.

“Amadeus” is set to play Thursday, April 14 at 8:30 p.m. in the Frank G. Pogue Student Center Scot Cinema.

Admission is free for Edinboro University students. Film Society of Northwestern PA membership cards are also accepted, while the price is $5 for general admission.

Next up in the series will be 2002’s critically acclaimed “Punch-Drunk Love,” on April 28.

Britton Rozzelle is The Arts Editor for The Spectator and he can be reached at ae.spectator@gmail.com

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