Edinboro keeping students updated via COVID information hub

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 at 1:29 PM
Edinboro keeping students updated via COVID information hub by Julia Carden
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As universities across the nation try to regain partial normalcy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Edinboro University has created an information hub to keep students, employees and visitors informed on the latest updates and information.

Part of this hub, the “Spring 2021 Operations Plan,” details CDC and university protocols for those on campus this semester, while being divided into six sections: campus life, mitigation strategies, monitoring campus, communication strategies, coordination with local public health officials, and expectations for employees, students and visitors. 

The overall hub also lists several external and internal resources that cover a wide variety of matters, ranging from the CDC website to the university’s COVID-19 tracker. The latter keeps track of cases on campus, both with employees and students. For the week of Jan. 25-31, the campus logged one employee COVID-19 case and four student cases.  

Meanwhile, new information is being added regularly to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Along with each FAQ is the date it was most recently updated. 

One of the more notable university changes this semester involves on-campus living. Due to health and safety concerns, on-campus housing will remain at a reduced capacity. However, according to the website, Edinboro will set that capacity to approximately 425 on-campus students, not including resident assistants and graduate assistants. This is an increase from the 275 students allowed to live on-campus in fall 2020.  

In-person class options have also increased from 15% of overall courses offered in the fall, to 33% in the spring.  

Edinboro athletics is also resuming some competition in winter sports, including with the Division I wrestling program and Division II men’s and women’s swimming teams. In addition, the Fighting Scots plan to compete in all spring PSAC sports, including men’s and women’s outdoor track, men’s and women’s tennis, women’s lacrosse, and softball. There were no fall sports at Edinboro. 

In another change, the fitness center in the Frank G. Pogue Student Center will be open to all students this semester. Reservations will be required, which you can make “through the IMleagues icon in the myEdinboro portal,” according to the information hub. Either students will be billed, or they’ll have to opt in to the student center fee to use the facilities. You can see fees in your student bill on S.C.O.T.S. Last semester, only students who lived on campus were permitted to use the fitness center. 

The site refers any additional questions to the university’s Office of Marketing and Communication and the Office of Safety and Risk Management. The Office of Marketing and Communications can be reached at communications@edinboro.edu. Jim Dahle, the director of safety and risk management at Edinboro, can be reached at jdahle@edinboro.edu. 

There can be a lot of uncertainty and confusion that comes with the current pandemic. Refer to these resources found on the university website for an abundance of information. 

Julia Carden is the Social Media Director for The Spectator. She can be reached at edinboro.spectator@gmail.com.

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