Edinboro men's basketball starts season hot

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at 5:50 PM
Edinboro men's basketball starts season hot by Dakota Palmer
Photo: Madi Gross

On Saturday, Nov. 18, the Edinboro men’s basketball team topped #8 Shippensburg University, 88-86. 

Edinboro transfer Anthony Coleman (Cincinnati State) got off to a quick start, hitting a three-pointer 12 seconds into the game. Coleman would go on to score 30 points, having his fair share of heat check moments. His performance solidified his spot as a key piece on this year’s upstart team. Fellow transfer, Keshawn Liggins (Idaho State), put up 17 points for Edinboro. Both Coleman and Liggins played all 40 minutes of the game. 

Edinboro and Shippensburg would continuously fight for the lead; each time Shippensburg would score, Edinboro would come right back with a basket to match them.  

At the 12-minute mark in the first half, Edinboro took a larger lead, at 22-16, but Shippensburg tied it up a few minutes later with a layup by sophomore guard Lamar Talley. 

Toward the end of the first half, Shippensburg would take the lead, holding it until Edinboro’s Liggins made a free throw to tie the game, 70-70, with 8:25 left. From then on, it was a tooth and nail fight, with both teams trying to put up shots to no avail. 

With 7 minutes left in the game, Shippensburg’s Jake Biss made a three-pointer, followed by a missed layup from Edinboro’s Jack Frank. With five minutes left in the game, Edinboro was down by five points until Frank came back with a layup, closing the gap just a bit further. 

With 3:26 left, Edinboro guard Jaymon Mason made a deep three-pointer to tie the game once again. Mason would go on to foul Shippensburg’s Antonio Kellum, who then made both of his free throws, pushing his team to a small lead. 

At 1:33 left, Edinboro’s Mike Beck fouled Dustin Sleva, who made both of his free throws, again giving Shippensburg the two-point lead. Mason came back with a three-pointer, while Mike Beck recorded a steal at 1:06 in the game and passed to freshman Alex Jay, who was fouled by Shippensburg’s Conner Clay. Jay, the sure handed true freshman made both free throws, securing Edinboro’s three-point lead.

The last minute of the game had everyone in McComb Fieldhouse on the edge of their seats, as Shippensburg and Edinboro fought for possession. Each team kept fouling the opposing team’s players in order to gain possession off of a botched free throw, but Shippensburg went 18 for 21 at the free throw line and Edinboro went 9 for 14. 

With 32 seconds left, Coleman made a layup in the paint, bringing the score to 87-82, with Edinboro leading. Coleman fouled Clay immediately after, who made both free throws to close the gap to three points. With 22 seconds left, Shippensburg’s Jake Biss fouled Liggins, who made one free throw. 

With 14 seconds left in the game, Conner missed a 3-pointer, Shippensburg’s John Castello rebounded the ball, and then Ship’s Dustin Sleva went up for another failed long range shot. With one second left in the game, Jay fouled Castello at the arc, who made the first two foul shots. He missed the third one and Ship called a timeout to construct a last second play. The timeout proved no good, as Edinboro kept possession of the ball as the buzzer rang.

Dakota Palmer is the News Editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at eupnews.spectator@gmail.com. 

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