Edinboro moving Porreco classes to main campus, online

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 at 4:39 PM

Classes previously scheduled for Edinboro’s Porreco College location will be moved to the main campus or online, beginning in fall 2020. This follows EU’s announcement that they’re divesting from that second campus (selling or leasing it), which is located on West 38th Street in Millcreek.  

The Spectator spoke with Associate Provost Dr. Jim Fisher about the classes moving to Edinboro. 

According to Fisher, approximately 115 students are currently enrolled at Porreco, and after this spring’s graduation and subsequent new enrollments, Fisher expects a “similar or smaller number of students to transition to the main campus.” 

Fisher explained that, while students first learned of these transitions on April 15, there has been an overall open discussion on the matter since early February. 

Part of that discussion has been the teachers at Porreco, who, for the most part, don’t need to transition. “We are still evaluating teaching assignments for the fall semester, but most of the Porreco offered courses are taught by our same faculty who teach on main campus,” Fisher said. 

He also further explained the rationale behind the decision to divest from Porreco: “University leadership has been working with faculty and staff for some time on a plan to best position Edinboro for the future. That comprehensive planning has involved looking at academic programs, the student experience, space utilization and budget.” 

He continued: “The ultimate goal of the planning is to ensure a quality experience for our students.  In order to do that, the University must be in the strongest position possible to meet the changing needs of students in a continually changing and increasingly complex world. We do not believe that offering programming at the Porreco location is necessary to achieve that experience.” 

Fisher also assured that the programs offered at Porreco, with the exception of their partnership program with FirstEnergy, have always been an option at the main campus, as well.  

“For students [currently] in the FirstEnergy partnership program, who have a prescribed curriculum, we are working to offer the same courses at the same days and times, but at the main campus. For other students, we will ensure that there are a variety of main-campus course options, but we are also considering moving some courses online to ensure convenience for affected students,” he said. 

In a recent email to Porreco College students announcing the change, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Michael Hannan, mentioned that a benefit the students have from attending that campus, their fee discounts, will still be applied for the remainder of their time completing their associate degree at the main campus. 

The email also reaffirmed the long-term goal of replacing the second campus in Millcreek with “space closer to the city of Erie and the region’s population center.”

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