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Friday, November 26th, 2021 at 1:33 PM
Edinboro Music Gem: POSERS  by Azzer Carpenter
Photo courtesy of POSERS

Although Edinboro is a small town, it is one with a lot of artistic talent on the rise to fame and recognition. POSERS, a local up and coming music group, is a part of the wave that will put Edinboro on the map.  

POSERS is an R&B tandem composed of Edinboro locals, Michal Shingler (21) and Daemi Dayo-kayode (25), and the journey for these two is just beginning. Shingler is a senior at EU studying business and marketing. Dayo-kayode recently graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in animation. They began their music journey a little over a year ago. 

According to Michal, one member of the dynamic duo, the name “POSERS” came to the group as an epiphany. They were discussing how artists and other celebrities advertise a false or exaggerated reality to the world in comparison to what their real lives really entail. They were influenced by word POSER and found it to be most fitting because “we all are posers in sense,” said Michal. 

The music produced by the duo can be described as rhythm and blues, indie hip-hop and “chill” relaxing music. The group’s latest released single “Gold,” released on Oct. 8, can be found on all music streaming platforms. The early single “Lucy,” another previous release from the POSERS, was released back in April. The group’s music style is similar to the likes of hip-hop artists Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Brown and Drake. 

The relatable repertoire, “Gold” follows the story of an attractive woman and her multiple admirers. The song starts as the woman enters a room and catches the eye of the gentlemen. In full, the tune encapsulates the emotions and feelings the woman arouses. Overall, the song is catchy and can be heard in just about any social setting such as a night in the bar with friends or a day at the beach.  

The group recently announced on their Instagram page (@Posers_Music), the upcoming release of a new extended-playing album, titled “La Da De Do,” which is scheduled to release on Friday, Dec. 3. The EP will feature two new songs from the duo.  

The drive, passion and consistency from the POSERS will prove to be an outstanding characteristic that gains the group more recognition not only in their hometown, but the state as well. Although the group only has a few pieces released, they are a group to keep an eye on as they gain momentum in the music world.

Azzer Carpenter, Staff Writer | @EdinboroNow 

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