Edinboro offers variety of on-campus eating options

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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 at 8:12 PM
Edinboro offers variety of on-campus eating options by William Stevens
World of Wings (WOW) is one of many places that students can spend their meal and flex dollars on food and beverages at.

As the summer months come to a close, many high school students have started a new chapter in their lives. A college campus is different from high school in many ways. In high school, students have a scheduled lunchtime. Colleges don’t have that luxury, and as such many students spend a lot of money on food and meal plans throughout the year. That being said many people may not know where to find food both on and off Edinboro’s campus.

Van Houten Dining Hall is a popular choice among many students, as it is the only traditional dining hall we have on campus. In the same building on the first floor is Sandella’s and another new addition known as The Frosty Scot. This new addition will be a place for students to purchase ice cream. “That [Sandella’s] was my favorite place to eat on campus,” said student Amber Prost. “I think adding the ice cream will make it better.”

According to Prost, the food there ranges from flatbreads to quesadillas to salads and the service was excellent.“They switch people around each year, but they have always been very friendly in the past,” said Prost. “They seem to really care about how our day is going.” That raises the question, how good is the food?

“I go to World of Wings (WOW) a lot and Rose,” said Prost. “WOW (and the other dining options in the Frank G. Pogue Student Center) has good burgers and their salads are good, too. They are just more expensive, which really stinks when you’re trying to eat healthy.”

Price may also be a discouraging factor for students regardless of quality. The prices on some of the on-campus options have increased, but a meal is now worth $5.40 instead of $5.25. More so, some students seem to prefer one location to another. “I use it [my meal plan] to buy food either at Rose or Pogue,” said student, Benny Mitchell. “Though sometimes I’ll go somewhere in town to eat if I have money.”

There are more restaurant options than some people realize in Edinboro, especially with the option to eat on or off campus. Mitchell described John’s Pizza as “some of the best pizza I’ve had,” and he also visits Subway and McDonalds, recommending Edinboro’s McDonalds over other locations.Some people commute from other nearby areas, like Erie.

Scott Edinger is one of those students and enjoys eating off campus food.“When I am out for an extended amount of time I like to go up to Wendy’s, Sheetz and Subway,” Edinger said. “It all depends what I’m in the mood for, but most of the time I try to switch it up and try other places too.”

Edinboro seems to have made a good impression on several students. So, what’s next?

“In the future I would love to see more restaurants being built in Edinboro,” said Edinger. “Also, I wouldn’t mind if they built a few more on campus. It would definitely help people save money on gas.”

So, when lunchtime rolls around, students can check out one of Edinboro University’s on-campus options, adventure off-campus to have a familiar McDonald’s hamburger, or have John’s pizza delivered to their dorm room. Countless options are available for all students around town.

William Stevens is a staff writer for The Spectator. 

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