Edinboro Ranks Nationally In Online Education

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 at 8:57 PM
Edinboro Ranks Nationally In Online Education by Macala Leigey

In a recent ranking reported by U.S. News & World Report, Edinboro University’s graduate online education program was ranked among the best collegiate online programs in the nation. In the highly renowned standings, Edinboro’s online education program was ranked in the top tier of U.S. News’ 2016 Best Online Education Programs.

Edinboro University placed 110th in the 2016 Best Online Education Programs ranking. They beat out several other well-known nationally ranked universities, including University of Louisville (#124), Kent State University (#136), Alabama State University (#153), and Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (#184).

U.S. News based the 2016 Best Online Education Programs ranking off of five general categories: student engagement, student services and technology, admissions selectivity, faculty credentials and training, and peer reputation. Edinboro scored a total of 231 points, with the university’s highest score being 79 points in the faculty credentials and training category.

“What makes Edinboro University’s online graduate education program better or different stems from a clear expectation of academic rigor coupled with a need for student satisfaction, accessibility, flexibility, and an affordable price,” said Associate Professor of Middle and Secondary Education Dr. John Ziegler.

Ziegler also shared that the online education program’s key to success is accredited to those who pioneered the initial program.

“Lasting success is usually built upon those who have come before. Those who served the university as digital pioneers — educational entrepreneurs who shared their success with anyone who took an interest and continually strived to make a difference in the lives and careers of their students.”

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Reading Education Dr. Linda Best also commented on the devotion of the online education faculty. “The faculty who embrace online teaching are very creative and willing to set high standards for course design and delivery.”

Best also shared that three of the online education professors, including Ziegler and herself, have received the National Quality Matters seal of Distinction.

“This reflects our commitment to students who deserve well-designed courses that allow them to achieve their learning goals,” said Best.

Edinboro University’s online degree program was initially launched in 2001, when it first offered an online Master of Education in Special Education.

Since its initial launch, the online program has added several other degrees, with seven of its degrees specializing in education: Master of Art in Art Education; Master of Education in Early Childhood Education; Master of Education in Educational Leadership; Master of Education in Educational Psychology; Master of Education in Middle and Secondary Instruction; Master of Education in Reading; and Master of Education in Special Education.

Additionally, the online graduate education program has seen an incredible amount of success due to its user-friendly design and academically rich content. Each degree program is broken down into instructional online modules that feature visually enhanced presentations, and focus on various learning objectives based on the degree’s requirements.

The online courses are structured to present students with a new learning objective every week, and require weekly activities to be fulfilled, along with various testing requirements.

“Learning, readings, activities, and assessments must all work together to support the learning goals and objectives. The alignment of each learning objective requires course elements to work together, ensuring that students achieve the desired learning outcomes,” said Ziegler.

Ziegler also expressed how fortunate Edinboro University is to have such advanced technological opportunities through the online education program.

“Embracing online education as innovative and entrepreneurial enables the university to combine lectures, which have long been regarded as instructionally appropriate, with an online format that proactively engages learners through use of 21st century tools and instructional techniques.”

In regards to Edinboro’s online graduate education program receiving the ranking in U.S. News’ 2016 list of Best Online Education Programs, Dr. Ziegler expressed that the distinguished recognition “shows that Edinboro University is striving to reach a very high quality in online education by using state of the art digital online delivery and multimedia to enhance instruction.”

However, Zielger also acknowledged that the online program is still developing, and is constantly improving to enhance the quality of the online program.

“Sustaining this national prominence will require constant review and utilizing the success already achieved from this faculty led, peer based approach,” said Ziegler.

Best agreed with Ziegler on Edinboro’s goal of maintainig national status in the online education world.

“EU will continue to grow online programs that will be highly attractive to future students who want to graduate from an institution of higher learning that has national levels of distinction,” said Best.

Moreover, Edinboro’s recent success in the online education department adds to the university’s already promising rate of producing future educators for the Commonwealth, and continues to attract educational institution recruiters from various parts of the country.

With 170,000 teaching positions annually available nationwide, Edinboro’s graduation success rate in the educational department, via online or in-classroom, is an important contribution to the country’s educational system.

For more information regarding U.S. News’ 2016 Best Online Education Programs ranking of collegiate graduate online educational programs, and to view Edinboro University’s graduate online education program profile, visit usnews.com/online.

Macala Leigey is the News Editor for The Spectator and she can be reached at eupnews.spectator@gmail.com.

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