Edinboro senior series: Michael McLaughlin

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at 5:23 PM
Edinboro senior series: Michael McLaughlin by Madi Gross

“I started running cross country when I was 13. I wasn’t fast, but some of my friends were doing it and it ended up being fun so I stuck with it,” Michael McLaughlin stated. McLaughlin has been a member of the track and cross country teams all four years he has attended school at Edinboro.

“It was one of the better schools I was able to run for,” he said. “They had the majors I wanted, and I enjoyed the summer cross country camps I came to in high school, so it just felt like a good fit.”

He explained that one of his favorite parts of cross country was sitting down with his team before the season begins and talking about what goals they have for themselves as a team and as individuals. 

“I will continue to run and compete post-collegiately, but knowing I’m only out there running for myself and not putting on the Edinboro uniform anymore is gonna take some getting used to,” McLaughlin expressed.

His advice for current or future athletes of the program would be to “put in all the work you can because if you don’t, you will look back and wish that you did.”

McLaughlin has had to overcome a lot during his time as a Scot such as major injuries and a coaching change, but he has kept his spirits high and never questioned what the outcome of those experiences may be. He believes that the thing he will miss the most about Edinboro are the people, those closest to him.

“I’ve met my best friends here and they’re people who are going to be lifelong friends. The thought of transferring or going somewhere else never crossed my mind, because I can’t replace the people I’ve met here,” McLaughlin stated.

After he graduates, McLaughlin plans to continue his education and work towards a master’s degree in exercise science.

“It’s basically all I know as an adult. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life here and learned many life lessons in Edinboro,” McLaughlin said. “I’ve had some tremendous ups and some tremendous downs here, but there’s not too many things I’d go back and change if I could.”

Madi Gross is the Assistant Sports Editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at sports.spectator@gmail.com.

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